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2022-03-02 Patch Note


0.130.0(220302)   [EVENT]   ■ Pandora’s Workshop Hot time Event will take place. (From 03.02~03.06) - Essence of Creation discount (30%) (maximum 10 times per day) - Mine Boost Hot Time (Pandora ingredient yield from using Mine Boosters will be increased by 50%) - Pandora’s Workshop – Immediate Completion discount - Creation rates will be increased for [Main Weapon] Hell Bane (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Sub-Weapon] Demons Howling (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Armor] Demon Eater (Legendary Advent), [Accessories] Black Horn Pendant (Advent, Necklace) - Pandora Crafting Achievement Event( The number of items that been created / The amount of materials that been used) ■ Daily Support for Pandora - Event Period : 2022.03.02 (Wed) ~ 2022.03.06 (Sun) (5 Days) - During the Event period, saviors could collect Unchanging Sulfur *350, Infinite Mercury *350 and Eternal Salt *350 from mail inbox every 5:00 AM. - Please claim the Rewards within 24 hours. ■ Advent Ranking events for Thunderbolt Tyrant Rhino will take place for 3 weeks. - Rankings will be calculated starting from 2022.03.02 05:00 until 2022.03.16 05:00 for two weeks, and only clears on the Hell difficulty for the Advent will be applied to the rankings. - Rewards according to rankings will be provided after a 24 hour ranking calculation period, and rewards will be receivable starting 2022.03.17 05:00 until 2022.03.23 05:00. ■ Advent Clear Event will take place for 2 weeks ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Lyudmila for 1 week. (2022.03.02 05:00 ~ 2022.03.09 05:00) ■ Battlefield 11 Preparation Attendance Event Period : 2022.03.02 (Wed) 05:00 ~ 2022.03.16 (Wed) 05:00 Day 1 : 1,000 Battle Keys Day 2 : 1,000,000 Gold Day 3 : 4 Hyper Vitality Potion Day 4:100 Special Summoning Ticket Day 5 : 800 Mysterious Star Fragment Day 6 : 200 Miraculous Meteor Day 7 : 1 Legendary Main Weapon Selection Box ※ Disclaimer Players must attend 7 times during the [7 Day Attendance] event period in order to receive all benefits, if a player receives rewards for Day 1 on the 3/13, the player will be subject to receiving rewards up to day 3 ■ Battlefield 11 Preparation Hot Time - Weekday Hot Time will increased to 4 hours. 2022.03.02(Wed)~2022.03.16(Tue)   [Contents] ■ New difficulty "Hell" of [Advent] Thunderbolt Tyrant Rhino has been added. ■ 2 new Karma equipment has been added. - Undefeated Scroll / Undefeated Mask - New Karma Equipment has been added in Usage Restriction List in Guild War for a certain period of time. - Undefeated Scroll:Karma that removes an opponent's shield upon destroying their Super Armor in PVP. - New Karma equipments have been added to Collection. - New Karma Unique Material has been added to Realm of Lore and the Secret Shop. - New Karma Equipment Sealed Karma Enchant Stone has been added to Advent Egg of Authority. ■ 3 Advent Equipment have been added to Bianca's Smithy - Demons Howling / Hell Bane / Demon Eater ■ Expanding Bianca's Smithy's favor and Kane's level cap from 17 to 22.   [Products] ■ Pandora Super Special Support Package sales - The Pandora Super Special Support Package will be purchasable throughout its sales period. (once per account) ■ Companion Lyudmila Package of Special Offer has been added.   [Improvements] ■ The main title screen has been changed for Rhino, Thunderbolt Tyrant. ■ When click the icon from the Available Summoning List of Hatch Pet / Companion Equipment / Summon categories, the hint window will be popped up.   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fix an issue when upgrade your Novastone, where the system occurs error. ■ Fix an issue that prevent the notification of in game cash shop free item. ■ Fix an issue of cash shop Companion equipment chest window will not disappear after the notification window pop up. ■ Fix an issue during the guild war party management menu, when you change the karma item that you currently equipped and use another karma item, the equipment menu window will shown the previous karma item still equipped.

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