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2021-12-08 Patch Note


0.110.0(211208)       [Event]   ■ Advent Ranking events for Thunderbolt Tyrant Rhino will take place for 3 weeks.   - Rankings will be calculated starting from 2021.12.08 05:00 until 2021.12.22 05:00 for two weeks, and only clears on the Hard difficulty for the Advent will be applied to the rankings.   - Rewards according to rankings will be provided after a 24 hour ranking calculation period, and rewards will be receivable starting 2021.12.23 05:00 until 2021.12.29 05:00.   ■ Herse Guardian Event Mission has been added.   ■ Pandora’s Workshop Hot time Event will take place. (From 12.08~12.12)   - Essence of Creation discount (30%) (maximum 10 times per day)   - Mine Boost Hot Time (Pandora ingredient yield from using Mine Boosters will be increased by 50%)   - Pandora’s Workshop – Immediate Completion discount   - Pandora Crafting Achievement Event   - Creation rates will be increased for [Main Weapon] Hell Bane (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Sub-Weapon] Demons Howling (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Armor] Demon Eater (Legendary Advent), [Accessories] Black Horn Pendant (Advent, Necklace)   - Pandora Crafting Achievement Event( The number of items that been created / The amount of materials that been used)   [Main Weapon] Hell Bane (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Sub-Weapon] Demons Howling (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Armor] Demon Eater (Legendary Advent), [Accessories] Black Horn   ■ In Search of the Legendary Treasure event has been added.   [Legendary Belt Coin] and [Herse Coin] can be obtained from Campaign, Conquest, and the Realm of Lore.   - Saviors could obtain a Legendary Belt (Mystic Bane,Spirit Guardian, Saint Bird, Brave Anchor, Goddess Blessing, Crimson Edge, Dragon Wing) by collecting Legendary Belt Coins.   - Please refer to the [Event] menu in-game for more rewards and further details       ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Rowin for 1 week.   (2021-12-08 05:00 ~ 2021-12-15 05:00)   ■ Holy Night Banquet Special Battles will take place – Event Battles   - 1 week each for Lalika,Lyudmila, Lady Terra,   ■ Rhino Advent Attendance   Event Period : 2021.12.08 (Wed) 05:00 ~ 2021.12.22 (Wed) 05:00   Day 1 : 4 Hyper Vitality Potion   Day 2 : 50 Sandglass of Prosperity   Day 3 : 12 Advent Sweep Ticket   Day 4:30 Sealed Special Companion Soul   Day 5 : 50 Companion Equipment Ticket   Day 6 : 1,000 Battle Keys   Day 7 : 1,000 Emeralds   ※ Disclaimer   Players must attend 7 times during the [7 Day Attendance] event period in order to receive all benefits, if a player receives rewards for Day 1 on the 12/19, the player will be subject to receiving rewards up to day 3   ■ Renard Special Battles will take place on weekend   - Event Period : 2021.12.11(Sat) ~ 2021.12.12(Sun), 2021.12.18(Sat) ~ 2021.12.19(Sun)   - Renard Special Battles where players can collect large sums of Gold.       [Content]   ■ Rhino, Thunderbolt Tyrant Advent has been added.   - Rhino Advent Equipment Medal Missions and Collection Effect have been added.   - Rhino Advent Adventure Medal has been added.   - 6 Advent Equipments have been added.   ㄴ[Main Weapon] Hell Bane (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Sub-Weapon] Demons Howling (Legendary Advent / Advent), [Armor] Demon Eater (Legendary Advent), [Accessories] Black Horn (Advent, Necklace)   ㄴNew Equipment has been added in Usage Restriction List in Guild War for a certain period of time.   - Please refer to the [Usage Restriction List] of Guild War for further details   ■ New Legendary Advent Weapon and Advent Equipment have been added to Pandora's Creation Clock   ■ 2 New Advent Equipments, Hell Bane and Demons Howling have been added to Bianca's Smithy.   ■ New Conquest Material, Oppressive Posion has been added.   - Saviors could obtain the material from the source below   ㄴConquest of Battlefield 8 - Goblin Assassin (Hell), Lich Occultist (Hell)   ㄴThe Secret Shop       [Products]   ■ Pandora Super Special Support Package sales   - The Pandora Super Special Support Package will be purchasable throughout its sales period. (once per account)   ■ Skin Package for Holy Night Banquet has been added.   - Saviors, Lalika,Lady Terra, Lyudmila   ■ Holy Night Banquet Advent Weapon Skin Package has been added.   ■ Companion Rowin Package of Special Offer has been added.       [Improvements]   ■ The main title screen has been changed for Rhino, Thunderbolt Tyrant.       [Bug Fixes]   ■ Fixed an issue when applying Companion's attack of Ether Imprint and Status Effect Attack of Companion Equipment, where the display of Promoting Companion will show error.   ■ Fixed an issue when receiving short Attendance Event Reward, where the effect will overlap the reward.   ■ Fixed an issue when saviors open the box item and already had the skin of the armor, where the icon of the armor didn't show up.   ■ Fixed an issue where the reminder of claiming reward didn't show correctly during the Guild Raid period.   ■ Fixed an issue when opening the notice window of the item from 2 or more boxes, where the scroll bar of the other item can't be moved.       [Event Disclaimer]   ■ Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server, UTC+1 for the EU Server and UTC+7 for the SEA Server.   ■ When possessing more than 9,999 for a Pandora Workshop Material, additional materials will be lost.   Example ) When a player receives 300 Sulfur while possessing 9,800, Sulfur will max out at 9,999 (only 199 provided, 101 will be lost)   ■ To cancel the payment for the purchased product, contact our Support within the valid period from the purchase date and most importantly , without having accepted the mail. (Settings → Support)    

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