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2021-10-27 Patch Note


0.100.0(211027)       [EVENT]   ■Hatch Pet Rate will be up for Red Hare Chimera and Jack-o'-Lantern Worm.   - Legendary Pet Hatch Powder Exchange Event has been added.   ※Guild War Pet is not included in Legendary Pet Hatch Powder Exchange Event .       ■Event Battles will be arranged to Lady Gray for 1 week.   -Event Period : 2021.10.27 05:00 AM ~ 2021.11.03 5:00 AM (Wed) (7 Days)       ■Hundred Marbles Dice Festival has been added.   -Hundred Marbles   -Herse Goddess Festival has been added.   -Dice Adventue. ([Hundred Marbles Dice] can be obtained from Campaign, Conquest, and the Realm of Lore.)       ■[7 Day Attendance] for Halloween   -Event Period : 2021.10.27 (Wed) 05:00 ~ 2021.11.16 (Wed) 05:00   -Day 1 : 1,000 Battle Keys   -Day 2 : 1,000,000 Gold   -Day 3 : 30 Badge of Honors Points   -Day 4 : 30 Sealed Special Companion Soul   -Day 5 : 10 Pandora Material Box   -Day 6 : 4 Essence of Creation   -Day 7 :Legendary Equipment Random Box   ※ Disclaimer   -Players must attend 7 times during the [7 Day Attendance] event period in order to receive all benefits, if a player receives rewards for Day 1 on the 11/13, the player will be subject to receiving rewards up to day 3       ■Happy Halloween   -Event Period : 2021.10.31 05:00   -Saviors could collect 1 Legendary Main Weapon Random Box, 1,000 Battle Keys and 1,000 Emeralds from mail inbox to celebrate Battlefield 10.   -Please claim the Gift within 7 days.       ■Daily Rewards for for Halloween   -Event Period : 2021.10.27 (Wed) ~ 2020.11.09 (Tue) (14 Days)   -During the Event periods, saviors could collect 200 Battle Keys, 100,000 Gold and 30 Mysterious Star Fragment from mail inbox every 5:00 AM.   -Please claim the Rewards within 24 hours.       ■Renard Special Battles will take place on weekend   -Event Period : 2021.10.30(Sat) ~ 2021.10.31(Sun)   -Renard Special Battles where players can collect large sums of Gold.       ■Total Illusion Hall Key Use Event has been added.   -Event Period : 2021.10.27 (Wed) ~ 2020.11.09 (Tue) (14 Days)       [Contents]   ■Tower of Summoning has expanded to 50 Floors.   -50F Conquer Reward has been added.       ■The Third Part of Battlefield 10 - Canyon of Conflagration's update has been added.   -Maximum upgrade for Accessories have been expanded to T9.       ■Practice Mode of Guild War Season 3 has been added       [New_Products]   ■New products of Savior Pass have added.   -Premium Savior Pass, Savior Pass   -Premium Savior Pass and Savior Pass can not be purchased at the same time, this products is applied immediately after purchase, so you can't cancel purchase.       ■Gift Package of Halloween has been added.   -Halloween Combat Package   -Halloween Companion Package   -Halloween Pandora Package   -Halloween Legendary Package       ■Hatch Pet Rate will be up for Red Hare Chimera and Jack-o'-Lantern Worm.   -Guaranteed Red Hare Chimera and Jack-o'-Lantern Worm with first Legendary in their own summom pool.   -You could summon it from the Special page of Summon category in Cash Shop.       ■Premium Pet Hatch Package has been added.   -Saviors could purchase it from Recommended Page of Special category in Cash Shop.       ■Companion Lady Gray Package of Special Offer has been added.       [Balaence]   ■Adjust Guild War balance   -Fix an issue where the armor status resistence did not work properly, in order to fix this bug, we will be adjusting the status resistence   ㄴ General direction: increase the offensive side advantage   ㄴLower the defensive side base status resistence, increase armor effectiveness, and increase the attacker overall status resistence       ■Adjust Companion balance   -Lyudmila   ㄴSpiritual Harmony 【all content】 this skill's hitbox has been changed ※The super armor gauge part remain the same.   ㄴAngelic Sonata 【all content】 the super armor gauge decrease from 90 => 50   -Kailin   ㄴRevenge grip 【all content】 "1.The amount of super armor gauge has been reduced. 2.Change the amount of bind has been increased.   -Meteora   ㄴShooting star【all content】 improved the frame of activating skill ※The super armor gauge part remain the same.   -Arcane   ㄴHoly Explosion 【all content】 1. improved the trigger conditions. 2. change the effect area and duration       ■Adjust Karma Equipment Balance   -Knight King's Heavy Armor   ㄴThe effect of the Resist Skill of the equipped armor has been increased from 150% to 200%.       [Improvements]   ■Seperate the companion promote level, so tthey can grow easily.       ■"Take All" reward function has been added.   -Daily/Weekly/Achievement Mission   -Blessing   -Guild War   -Skin Collection   -Weapon Challenge   -Collection   -Savior Pass       ■"Donate All" funcion of Guild has been added.       ■Continuous Upgrade function has been added.   -Equipment and Karma Equipment       [BugFixes]   ■Fixed an issue where the Boss icon shows incorrectly when entering the Conquest of Battlefield.       [Event_Disclaimer]   ■Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server, UTC+1 for the EU Server and UTC+7 for the SEA Server.   ■When possessing more than 9,999 for a Pandora Workshop Material, additional materials will be lost.   Example ) When a player receives 300 Sulfur while possessing 9,800, Sulfur will max out at 9,999 (only 199 provided, 101 will be lost)   ■To cancel the payment for the purchased product, contact our Support within the valid period from the purchase date and most importantly , without having accepted the mail. (Settings → Support)

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