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Jun 23, 2021, 01:30 PM 193 read

2021-6-23 Patch Note


0.70.10(210623)   [Events] ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Lyudmila for 1 week. (2021-06-23 05:00 ~ 2021-06-30 05:00) ■ Pandora’s Workshop Hot time Event will take place. - Essence of Creation discount (30%) (maximum 10 times per day) - Mine Boost Hot Time (Pandora ingredient yield from using Mine Boosters will be increased by 50%) - Pandora’s Workshop – Immediate Completion discount - Pandora Crafting Achievement Event( The number of items that been created / The amount of materials that been used) - Creation rates will be increased for specific equipment [Legendary Set] – Flame Dragonfang, Freezing Dragonfang, Dragon Wing [Legendary] – Thunder Bringer, Sky Empeor, Heaven's Glory [Rare] – Dragonfang [Set] –Winglord Poison Ring, Winglord Fury Ring, Winglord Feather Belt, Winglord Wind Belt ■ Total Illusion Hall Key Use Event has been added.   [Contents] ■ New Companion, Lyudmila has been added in Collection. ■ New equipment has been added to Pandora's Clock of Creation. - Main Weapon: Flame Dragonfang, Freezing Dragonfang, Dragonfang -Armor: Thunder Bringer -Belt: Dragon Wing ■ New Equipment has been added in Collection. ■ New Equipment will not be able to join Guild War within a certain time period ■ New Equipment has been added in Sealed Enchant Stone Exchange Event. ■ Death Scythe and Blaze Bastard has been add in Weapon Challenge.   [Products] ■ New Companion Lyudmila Package of Special Offer has been added. ■ Lyudmila's Soul has been added in Summon category of Cash Shop. ■ Pandora Super Special Support Package sales - The Pandora Super Special Support Package will be purchasable throughout its sales period. (once per account)

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