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May 21, 2021, 06:59 PM 700 read

[Notice] Announcement on Banned Players who abuse in game bugs

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior: notice - [Notice] Announcement on Banned Players who abuse in game bugs image 2

Dear Saviors Here is the list of banned in game bug abuse users. Please follow the below to see more details Plus, we strongly advise you not to use any kind of third party software or abuse in game system for fair game play. Thank you!   America Server ------ M*M (Permanent ban) So***age (Permanent ban) 秦* (Permanent ban) Hype***nGod (Permanent ban) Es***sso (Permanent ban) ex***eris (Permanent ban) So**e (Permanent ban) Sk***or (Permanent ban) Bo***one (Permanent ban) Jus***qnt (Permanent ban) Vi***in (Permanent ban) 童**根 (Permanent ban) F**s (Permanent ban) Ik***us (Permanent ban) In***i (Permanent ban) G**i (Permanent ban) Ch***ey (10 Days) CH**S (10 Days) HW**CC (3 Days) Na**ha (3 Days) esp***nza (3 Days) xXVE***AXx (3 Days) Vo***on (3 Days) Aniq***ador (3 Days) Rsha***Step (3 Days) Wa***na (3 Days) yo***hi (3 Days) Ph***g (3 Days) 泡** (3 Days) Sh***en (3 Days) KA***Y (3 Days) ------   If you have any questions, please send a CS ticket with your “Unique ID” and “Nickname” via Customer Service Center as below, America Server:   Thank you for your patience and understanding.        

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