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[Notice] Shadow Guild Skin update

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  Hello Saviors, Shadow Guild Skin will take place, where Saviors will be able to purchase skin. For further information, please refer to the [Cash Shop] or the [Skin] icon from the main lobby.   ■ Sales Period ▶ America Server (UTC -8): 2021-5-17 (Mon) post maintenance until 2021-6-15 19:00:00 (Tue)   ▶ Europe Server (UTC +1): 2021-5-18 (Tue) post maintenance until 2021-6-16 04:00:00 (Wed)     ■ Product information

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Shadow Knights Skin Package (US$ 99.99) : 1 Savior Skin 1 Savior Skin icon 4 Main Weapon Skin (Demolition, Duelist, and Wind Slayer) 1 Sub-Weapon Skin (Gaiter) 3 Companion Skin (Lady Terra, Einar, Kailin) 3 Companion Weapon Skin (Lady Terra, Einar, Kailin) 3 Companion Skin icon (Lady Terra, Einar, Kailin) 100 Special Summoning Ticket 180 Sweep Ticket 25 Badge of Honor 30 Sealed Special Companion Soul 5000 Emeralds 2,500,000 Gold 100 Crown   Single Product : Savior Skin (3,000 Emeralds) Savior Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon Skin (700 Emeralds each) Companion Skin (2,000 Emeralds each) Companion Weapon Skin (700 Emeralds each) ※Saviors could purchase with emerald directly when trying out skins.   ※ Disclaimer - Skin Packages do not include the Companion character or the weapons themselves. - Upon purchasing a pre-existing skin, the purchased skin will be substituted with Gold immediately after purchase (600,000 Gold for Savior Skins, 400,000 Gold for Companion Skins, 140,000 Gold for the Savior/Companion Weapon Skins) - Screenshots were taken in a test environment, and may differ from implementation - Schedules can be subject to change depending on service conditions  

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