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Apr 21, 2021, 02:53 PM 206 read

2021-4-21 Patch Note


0.60.0(210421)   [Events] ■ Blessed Wedding Special Battles will be in effect starting Wednesday. 1 Weeks each for Lady Terra, Mateora and Einar in order. ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Mateora for 1 week. (2021.04.21 05:00 ~ 2021.04.28 05:00)   [Contents] ■ Event Battle for Mysterious Star Fragment has been added. ■ Herse Royal Guard Skin Has been added.   [Products] ■ Skin Package for Blessed Wedding has been added - For the Savior, Mateora, Lady Terra, and Einar. ■ Blessed Wedding Advent Weapon Skin Package has been added. ■ Companion Mateora Package of Special Offer has been added.   [Improvements] ■ The Period of Sealed Enchant Stone Exchange Event has been changed from 2 weeks to every week. (5 Days for Exchange, 2 Days fro rest.) ■ The 24 and 25 mission of [Advent] Primal Worm has been removed. ■ Daily / Weekly Limit Item Amount Available Event has been improved. - The Available Amount could be checked in the Event.   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue when trying to preview unequiped emotion with Zoom function, it will show the Emotion that already equiped. ■ Fixed an issue when changing Server from Southeast Asia to America / Europe, the highest difficulty UI of Skin Event Battle will change to Nightmare.   [Known Issues] ■ Part of iOS equipments could not accept the Ad Tracking Permissions. (It occurs with part of equipments above iOS 14.3)   [Event Disclaimer] ■ Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server, UTC+1 for the EU Server and UTC+7 for the SEA Server. ■ To cancel the payment for the purchased product, contact our Support within the valid period from the purchase date and most importantly , without having accepted the mail. (Settings → Support)

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