Hundred Soul CM LV.19 GameManager
Feb 3, 2021, 04:10 PM 227 read

2021-2-3 Patch note


0.40.5(210203)   [Event] ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Tiki for 1 week. (2021-02-03 Post Maintenance ~ 2021-02-10 05:00) ■ Holy Guild Special Battles – Event Battles - 1 Week each for Raven , Padu and Lucinda in order.   [Game Contents] ■ Karma Equipments could be upgraded to S Grade.   [Products] ■ Skins Packages for Holy Guild has been added. - Savior, Lucinda, Padu, Raven ■ Holy Guild Advent Weapon Skin Package has been added. ■ New Companion Tiki Package of Special Offer has been added.   [BUG Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where new friend could not be added in Friend List when savior accepts the Friend Request. - It occurs when the number of invitees has reached to 50.   [Event Disclaimer] ■ Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server, UTC+1 for the EU Server and UTC+7 for the SEA Server.

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