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2021-1-6 Patch note


0.37.10(210106)       [Event]   ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Teo for 1 week.   (2021-01-06 05:00 ~ 2021-01-13 05:00)       [New Products]   ■ Skins Packages for Qipao has been added.   - Savior, Rowin, Lady Terra , Lady Gray   ■ Qipao Advent Weapon Skin Package has been added.   - Qipao Advent Weapon Skin Package can only be acquired via Cash Shop.   ■ New Companion Teo Package of Special Offer has been added.       [Balance]   ■ Decrease the difficulty for the Primal Worm Advent   - The difficulty of Normal and Hard mode have been decreased./ The status effect damage have been increased in all difficulties.(significant increase the knockdowned damage/bind and freeze damage remain the same / bleed damage slightly decrease)       [Improvements]   ■ Decrease the difficulty for the Primal Worm Advent equipment recipe missions in Bianca's Smithy.   - [Advent] Double Crescent   ㄴ Primal Worm Tooth *10 → *5   - [Advent] Holy Saver   ㄴ Clear [Normal]Minotaur 10 times →[Hard]Hellfire Hound *4 times / Sentinel with T6 has been deleted / Sentinel with 3 enchantments has been deleted / Thorn Heart *7-> *4, / Primal Worm Tooth *27 → *14   - [Advent] Double Lightning Shooter   ㄴ Clear [Hardl]Shadow Wraith 8 times → 4 times / Thorn Heart *3-> *2, / Primal Worm Exoskeleton *7 → *4   ■ You could access Primal Worm Advent after clraring Battlefield 6.   ■ The cost of +10 Vitality Recovery Potion will be fixated to 300 Emeralds, and there is no limit of purchase count.       [Known Issues]   ■ Due to the improvement of +10 Vitality Recovery Potion this week, the description message is not correct, and will be fixed afterwards.       [Event Disclaimer]   ■ Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server, UTC+1 for the EU Server and UTC+7 for the SEA Server.

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