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2020-11-25 Patch notes


0.35.0   [Event] ■ Ancient Heron Special Battles – Event Battles - Tumennast, Padu, Tiki, Niki   [Game Contents] ■ The Ranking System of Battle Power and Collection has been added.   [New Products] ■ Skins Packages for Ancient Hero has been added. - Savior, Tumennast, Tiki, Niki, Padu ■ New products of Savior Pass have added. - Premium Savior Pass, Savior Pass - Premium Savior Pass and Savior Pass can not be purchased at the same time, this products is applied immediately after purchase, so you can't cancel purchase. ■ New Companion Niki Package of Special Offer has been added. ■ Black Friday Sale Packages have been added. - Premium Legendary Main Weapon Selection Package - Premium Legendary Armor Selection Package - Goddess' Grace Package - Pandora Special Discount Package - Gold Special Discount Package - Emerald Special Discount Package - Skill Point Special Discount Package   [Improvements] ■ Español has been added in language system. ■ The current entering stage will show up in Team Settings. (Prepare for Combat)   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where Moot banners could not show up when entering the game lobby. ■ Fixed an issue where UI shows error when try to open the Pandora mine, which has not been ready. ■ Fixed an issue where the NPC's subtitle and games's subtitle will be overlap in some particular situation. ■ Fixed and issue where Conquest Points would not update in Conquest Points settlement page of Event Battle, Illusion Hall. ■ Fixed an issue where Savior and Companion sometimes will show up incorrectly in cutscene. ■ Fixed an issue where shows "Network error" when the device doesn't have enough storage. ■ Fixed an issue where UI shows up incorrectly in set effect of Set Equipment. ■ Fixed an issue where shows error when use Tiki / Niki's skill in Multi Force Battle. ■ Disable the "Screenshot" function in Multi Force Battle.   [Event Disclaimer] ■ Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server and UTC+1 for the EU Server. ■ To cancel the payment for the purchased product, contact our Support within the valid period from the purchase date and most importantly , without having accepted the mail. (Settings → Support)

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