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Oct 14, 2020, 03:11 PM 737 read

[Notice] Announcement on Banned Players (October) 【Revised 11/30】

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior: notice - [Notice] Announcement on Banned Players (October) 【Revised 11/30】 image 1

Hello Saviors, We strongly recommend users not to use any kind of illegal programs or third-party software to cheat in the game. Once you are banned, your account cannot be recovered, and your refund abusing is also being monitored and banned.     America Server NaoMeTo*** (Permanent ban) mma*** (Permanent ban) Ma*** (Permanent ban) Tathaga*** (Permanent ban) Spo*** (Permanent ban) Abiz*** (Permanent ban) Laf*** (Permanent ban) 붉은*** (Permanent ban) 단토* (Permanent ban) emilyr*** (Permanent ban) hfghh*** (Permanent ban) sabl*** (Permanent ban) Raz*** (Permanent ban) Sa***reStar (Permanent ban) CL***EMIRJOSIAS (Permanent ban) Ap***BeelZebub (Permanent ban) El***bethSwan (Permanent ban) Ch***ieAngel (Permanent ban) Da***lion696 (Permanent ban) Li***ifatale (Permanent ban) Fr***Chicken (Permanent ban) Lo***lympus (Permanent ban) de***ynoobz (Permanent ban) Wi***KilerS (Permanent ban) Ng***nHaMy (Permanent ban) Sh***oooto (Permanent ban) sh***rik02 (Permanent ban) Go***ssAko (Permanent ban) Dr***nBlue (Permanent ban) Le***rioBR (Permanent ban) Za***liser (Permanent ban) ch***htuan (Permanent ban) Da***Joker (Permanent ban) as***phan (Permanent ban) ki***soo0 (Permanent ban) mi***ioBR (Permanent ban) Ca***rvel (Permanent ban) En***Nam3 (Permanent ban) do***koda (Permanent ban) 小魔***MiMi (Permanent ban) Fo***otBR (Permanent ban) Po***aksp (Permanent ban) Va***Babe (Permanent ban) BU***ILDS (Permanent ban) pa***rone (Permanent ban) sh***NEK0 (Permanent ban) Gi***lle (Permanent ban) Ra***ius (Permanent ban) On***oot (Permanent ban) AS***GBR (Permanent ban) iT***anK (Permanent ban) Ma***eaR (Permanent ban) BB***cha (Permanent ban) Co***aBR (Permanent ban) Jx***gon (Permanent ban) Ga***lin (Permanent ban) Du***Gia (Permanent ban) Ri***chi (Permanent ban) So***oke (Permanent ban) Se***ium (Permanent ban) Ch***ote (Permanent ban) Si***ria (Permanent ban) ca***992 (Permanent ban) Go***ven (Permanent ban) Ro***tta (Permanent ban) Ka***ana (Permanent ban) Yu***san (Permanent ban) Ta***son (Permanent ban) Si***ira (Permanent ban) Be***kBR (Permanent ban) bi***iii (Permanent ban) Mi***aBR (Permanent ban) 时光***薄凉丶 (Permanent ban) sh***nnv (Permanent ban) bh***ar (Permanent ban) Is***os (Permanent ban) RE***DE (Permanent ban) Eo***ey (Permanent ban) Da***rt (Permanent ban) Qu***ee (Permanent ban) Ya***zu (Permanent ban) ko***12 (Permanent ban) D3***UL (Permanent ban) Sh***ss (Permanent ban) Lu***ut (Permanent ban) De***ne (Permanent ban) ma***os (Permanent ban) mo***ee (Permanent ban) Le***nk (Permanent ban) ko***ng (Permanent ban) Jh***iN (Permanent ban) Im***zy (Permanent ban) bi***Br (Permanent ban) Ch***ba (Permanent ban) Ar***ao (Permanent ban) CN***猪猪 (Permanent ban) Su***e (Permanent ban) La***s (Permanent ban) Cu***s (Permanent ban) DI***O (Permanent ban) xi***u (Permanent ban) Hu***x (Permanent ban) Qi***r (Permanent ban) 시한***과 (Permanent ban) Ob***N (Permanent ban) me***n (Permanent ban) ky***i (Permanent ban) Ky***d (Permanent ban) mi***H (Permanent ban) Cl***N (Permanent ban) We***n (Permanent ban) Lu***n (Permanent ban) Ba***L (Permanent ban) Mi***M (Permanent ban) 最後***善 (Permanent ban) BR***N (Permanent ban) Ba***r (Permanent ban) xT***x (Permanent ban) MA***O (Permanent ban) Zi***t (Permanent ban) sa***h (Permanent ban) Mi***R (Permanent ban) Al***a (Permanent ban) NE***X (Permanent ban) Tr***n (Permanent ban) 가나***마 (Permanent ban) 신채***이 (Permanent ban) Fe***h (Permanent ban) 尤斯***德 (Permanent ban) Ai*** (Permanent ban) Aq*** (Permanent ban) KO*** (Permanent ban) re*** (Permanent ban) 에클*** (Permanent ban) Ah*** (Permanent ban) ri*** (Permanent ban) Am*** (Permanent ban) 听风*** (Permanent ban) Ar*** (Permanent ban) Pa*** (Permanent ban) 플라*** (Permanent ban) 奈菲*** (Permanent ban) Fi*** (Permanent ban) Ze*** (Permanent ban) Ho*** (Permanent ban) Ml*** (Permanent ban) 比屋*** (Permanent ban) 少女*** (Permanent ban) Na*** (Permanent ban) xク*** (Permanent ban) Ca*** (Permanent ban) Ki*** (Permanent ban) bb*** (Permanent ban) 주**녀 (Permanent ban) 여**요 (Permanent ban) E**R (Permanent ban) 唯**尊 (Permanent ban) F**N (Permanent ban) 大**天 (Permanent ban) 아**엥 (Permanent ban) C**v (Permanent ban) V**y (Permanent ban) e**n (Permanent ban) 小**愛 (Permanent ban) 爱**の (Permanent ban) 吉**緒 (Permanent ban) 새**이 (Permanent ban) s**d (Permanent ban) R**A (Permanent ban) 9**v (Permanent ban) 여**스 (Permanent ban) k**x (Permanent ban) 히**스 (Permanent ban) 백**애 (Permanent ban) 恋**尘 (Permanent ban) l**e (Permanent ban) A**i (Permanent ban) 스**아 (Permanent ban) G**8 (Permanent ban) p**i (Permanent ban) L**u (Permanent ban) G**t (Permanent ban) K**G (Permanent ban) D**x (Permanent ban) 牛*力 (Permanent ban) 달*라 (Permanent ban) 아*나 (Permanent ban) 艾*荋 (Permanent ban) 建*雷 (Permanent ban) 해*걸 (Permanent ban) 꼬*꼬 (Permanent ban) 真*爱 (Permanent ban) 不*說 (Permanent ban) 핫*떼 (Permanent ban) 鄂*力 (Permanent ban) 買*樂 (Permanent ban) B*7 (Permanent ban) 타*이 (Permanent ban) I*m (Permanent ban) 새*슈 (Permanent ban) 아*개 (Permanent ban) 张*花 (Permanent ban) 겨*이 (Permanent ban) 艾*兒 (Permanent ban) N*9 (Permanent ban) P*u (Permanent ban) 耖*媽 (Permanent ban) A*e (Permanent ban) 백* (Permanent ban) 老* (Permanent ban) 玩* (Permanent ban) 헨* (Permanent ban) 米* (Permanent ban) 溫* (Permanent ban) 冠* (Permanent ban) 大* (Permanent ban) 風* (Permanent ban) 神* (Permanent ban) 잭* (Permanent ban) 示* (Permanent ban) 皮* (Permanent ban) 민* (Permanent ban) 希* (Permanent ban) 奻* (Permanent ban) 琉* (Permanent ban) 노* (Permanent ban) 樂* (Permanent ban) 크* (Permanent ban) 阿* (Permanent ban) 雪* (Permanent ban) 雨* (Permanent ban) 궁* (Permanent ban) 하* (Permanent ban) 다* (Permanent ban) 曦* (Permanent ban) 리* (Permanent ban) ke***do (Permanent ban) Pu***fairladyz (Permanent ban) ty***ejohnson (Permanent ban) Xu***aaporra (Permanent ban) dg***hsnsbs (Permanent ban) he***ddhdhd (Permanent ban) Br***Leonel (Permanent ban) Sa***Times (Permanent ban) Li***ifate (Permanent ban) Ki***usohj (Permanent ban) De***nyUNK (Permanent ban) ki***icken (Permanent ban) Go***ales (Permanent ban) op***ized (Permanent ban) Xa***xxis (Permanent ban) ca***xcam (Permanent ban) Co***oneo (Permanent ban) Sn***LooL (Permanent ban) wo***boii (Permanent ban) sn***7773 (Permanent ban) Le***Loan (Permanent ban) ma***rin2 (Permanent ban) Ma***dino (Permanent ban) Ru***avha (Permanent ban) So***Caos (Permanent ban) He***gs20 (Permanent ban) Ze***rosZ (Permanent ban) Dr***nAsh (Permanent ban) be***edor (Permanent ban) Ge***inna (Permanent ban) Ob***Spam (Permanent ban) dd***2130 (Permanent ban) l3***Jol3 (Permanent ban) AD***SV12 (Permanent ban) Yu***inji (Permanent ban) vi***oco (Permanent ban) va***rds (Permanent ban) Ro***han (Permanent ban) Dr***ing (Permanent ban) K1***rBr (Permanent ban) ar***r79 (Permanent ban) Ni***eed (Permanent ban) Zi***rea (Permanent ban) Ya***aru (Permanent ban) TI***ANN (Permanent ban) MU***AMA (Permanent ban) Se***idh (Permanent ban) il***you (Permanent ban) ma***eee (Permanent ban) pl***r88 (Permanent ban) Ch***hun (Permanent ban) Ja***ta (Permanent ban) Da***on (Permanent ban) 니가***나와 (Permanent ban) Da***s4 (Permanent ban) ay***pa (Permanent ban) As***ia (Permanent ban) li***ge (Permanent ban) Kr***ma (Permanent ban) re***ht (Permanent ban) ad***na (Permanent ban) BI***pa (Permanent ban) ga***ox (Permanent ban) BT***04 (Permanent ban) sk***68 (Permanent ban) Ak***92 (Permanent ban) Da***ck (Permanent ban) De***ra (Permanent ban) Ai***s6 (Permanent ban) Yu***L (Permanent ban) Bu***m (Permanent ban) Oz***s (Permanent ban) Mi***n (Permanent ban) la***k (Permanent ban) dd***o (Permanent ban) H1***4 (Permanent ban) ix***i (Permanent ban) Ha***n (Permanent ban) Za***b (Permanent ban) ax***0 (Permanent ban) My***z (Permanent ban) Ch***X (Permanent ban) Ji***x (Permanent ban) Cu***a (Permanent ban) Nh***u (Permanent ban) Ga***a (Permanent ban) Va*** (Permanent ban) Da*** (Permanent ban) 三S*** (Permanent ban) fi*** (Permanent ban) 빅토*** (Permanent ban) Dm*** (Permanent ban) Ar*** (Permanent ban) Io*** (Permanent ban) xe*** (Permanent ban) Ro*** (Permanent ban) SI*** (Permanent ban) Ya*** (Permanent ban) KT*** (Permanent ban) om*** (Permanent ban) Ha*** (Permanent ban) 寒夜*** (Permanent ban) 하늘*** (Permanent ban) 1q*** (Permanent ban) ky*** (Permanent ban) 德**鸡 (Permanent ban) 鏡**月 (Permanent ban) A**z (Permanent ban) l**e (Permanent ban) N**ツ (Permanent ban) 거**리 (Permanent ban) 다**스 (Permanent ban) 梅**波 (Permanent ban) P**T (Permanent ban) 수**족 (Permanent ban) Q**6 (Permanent ban) ル**ス (Permanent ban) 헌**울 (Permanent ban) 1**e (Permanent ban) 钧**海 (Permanent ban) 國**公 (Permanent ban) 2**7 (Permanent ban) N**i (Permanent ban) 아**딘 (Permanent ban) 6**M (Permanent ban) j*j (Permanent ban) 在*啊 (Permanent ban) 黑*撒 (Permanent ban) S*1 (Permanent ban) S*1 (Permanent ban) 스*카 (Permanent ban) 王*贵 (Permanent ban) 楊*嫣 (Permanent ban) 艾*娜 (Permanent ban) 哈*好 (Permanent ban) 尹*沫 (Permanent ban) 萝*控 (Permanent ban) 아*나 (Permanent ban) 卡*娜 (Permanent ban) 兔*基 (Permanent ban) 쓰* (Permanent ban) 오* (Permanent ban) 박* (Permanent ban) 상* (Permanent ban) 眠* (Permanent ban) 사* (Permanent ban) 戀* (Permanent ban) 호* (Permanent ban) 馨* (Permanent ban) 鬼* (Permanent ban) N**hthawk45 (Permanent ban) R**uuta (Permanent ban) W**96 (Permanent ban) y**s (Permanent ban) K**ieLore (Permanent ban) Z**ka (Permanent ban) a**iii (Permanent ban) 믐** (Permanent ban) A**rewOG (Permanent ban) Y**er (Permanent ban) s**jya (Permanent ban) T**blr (Permanent ban) x**ematuy (Permanent ban) I**let (Permanent ban) X**amianxX (Permanent ban) 艾** (Permanent ban) A**liMoon (Permanent ban) Z**Ta (Permanent ban) 異** (Permanent ban) L**LIETO (Permanent ban) X**AGNARxX (Permanent ban) b**am (Permanent ban) C**tBe (Permanent ban) C**vva (Permanent ban) S**rym (Permanent ban) 달** (Permanent ban) Z**gethsu (Permanent ban) V**aLM (Permanent ban) M**ako (Permanent ban) x**vy (Permanent ban) 띵* (Permanent ban) C**eClaire (Permanent ban) r**xx (Permanent ban) 水** (Permanent ban) A**ielSan (Permanent ban) H**obHawj (Permanent ban) A**canos (Permanent ban) g**nnpabblo (Permanent ban) O**veiraReii (Permanent ban) U** (Permanent ban) 所**星河 (Permanent ban) X**mai (Permanent ban) i**nvader (Permanent ban) B**diMery (Permanent ban) J**13 (Permanent ban) S**thOnDex (Permanent ban) R**eViL (Permanent ban) f**t (Permanent ban) l**itap (Permanent ban) T**rafor (Permanent ban) s**dowclip (Permanent ban) E**ak (Permanent ban) S**warzes (Permanent ban) A**erie (Permanent ban) f**usse (Permanent ban) r**xir (Permanent ban) k**hulu (Permanent ban) S**Girls (Permanent ban) t**ng (Permanent ban) Ze*** (Permanent ban) Wi***esterJunior (Permanent ban) Bl***Coconut (Permanent ban) Bl***Crusher (Permanent ban) Vi***iiiiii (Permanent ban) XH***F1990 (Permanent ban) My***aNebs (Permanent ban) LO***HADES (Permanent ban) Di***hienY (Permanent ban) Sh***elin (Permanent ban) De***blue (Permanent ban) th***mer1 (Permanent ban) AP***4116 (Permanent ban) Xe***arLo (Permanent ban) Xe***raft (Permanent ban) Tr***rxs (Permanent ban) Uw***lie (Permanent ban) 呐我***给你看 (Permanent ban) Wi***dsp (Permanent ban) Hi***agi (Permanent ban) 諸葛***他X (Permanent ban) AL***IM (Permanent ban) te***ng (Permanent ban) jo***45 (Permanent ban) Mo***oe (Permanent ban) Bl***x1 (Permanent ban) Th***Vu (Permanent ban) Ki***e0 (Permanent ban) 諸葛***他 (Permanent ban) PE***L (Permanent ban) la***d (Permanent ban) ge***r (Permanent ban) ka***s (Permanent ban) Jo***a (Permanent ban) ka***y (Permanent ban) La*** (Permanent ban) pr*** (Permanent ban) KI*** (Permanent ban) 小楼*** (Permanent ban) 月干*** (Permanent ban) 你有*** (Permanent ban) 1m*** (Permanent ban) pl*** (Permanent ban) 德克** (Permanent ban) 巨根** (Permanent ban) 66** (Permanent ban) Ji** (Permanent ban) 千叶** (Permanent ban) Gi** (Permanent ban) PR** (Permanent ban) 梅澤** (Permanent ban) 南宫** (Permanent ban) 金鋼** (Permanent ban) 莱*娜 (Permanent ban) S*B (Permanent ban) 大*浪 (Permanent ban) 忘*伤 (Permanent ban) A*s (Permanent ban) 阿* (Permanent ban) 狐* (Permanent ban) 晨* (Permanent ban) 묜* (Permanent ban) 妮* (Permanent ban) 泳* (Permanent ban) 小* (Permanent ban) 丫* (Permanent ban) 倩* (Permanent ban) ND** (Permanent ban) Le***romoraes (Permanent ban) Sa***aNegra (Permanent ban) Xx***omaraX (Permanent ban) ll***IIllIl (Permanent ban) xo***iskox (Permanent ban) Em***Bloom (Permanent ban) Pe***oona (Permanent ban) Bl***ares (Permanent ban) Ma***iSab (Permanent ban) Ki***edBR (Permanent ban) DE***324 (Permanent ban) Ho***Xit (Permanent ban) gh***009 (Permanent ban) Ki***nMi (Permanent ban) vi***yx (Permanent ban) Ho***ng (Permanent ban) St***ut (Permanent ban) Bu***ed (Permanent ban) Zh***er (Permanent ban) Fa***hy (Permanent ban) VA***LO (Permanent ban) HT***AL (Permanent ban) ki***an (Permanent ban) rG***s (Permanent ban) Zo***n (Permanent ban) Ki***a (Permanent ban) P0***3 (Permanent ban) Ba***n (Permanent ban) Ni*** (Permanent ban) 54*** (Permanent ban) 藍狗*** (Permanent ban) B**x (Permanent ban) i**a (Permanent ban) N**1 (Permanent ban) w**w (Permanent ban) P**a (Permanent ban) N**o (Permanent ban) タ**オ (Permanent ban) t**a (Permanent ban) 빈*이 (Permanent ban) 프*에 (Permanent ban) 김*득 (Permanent ban) 프*나 (Permanent ban) 苏*幕 (Permanent ban) 南*子 (Permanent ban) 전* (Permanent ban) 千* (Permanent ban) 柚* (Permanent ban) 悠* (Permanent ban) 미* (Permanent ban) Di***sionalSound (Permanent ban) Ch***Abus3r420 (Permanent ban) Xx***nciscoxX (Permanent ban) Az***Alisha (Permanent ban) Le***dary1 (Permanent ban) Ba***anana (Permanent ban) Ma***agano (Permanent ban) Mi***ious (Permanent ban) Pa***ck05 (Permanent ban) Bu***maru (Permanent ban) Bl***arth (Permanent ban) tr***ire1 (Permanent ban) iS***izer (Permanent ban) La***crus (Permanent ban) Wh***Hair (Permanent ban) Vi***ntZ (Permanent ban) Sa***ami (Permanent ban) Ko***i93 (Permanent ban) Ra***ira (Permanent ban) Le***dHQ (Permanent ban) ad***788 (Permanent ban) mi***osh (Permanent ban) ki***ong (Permanent ban) ba***n00 (Permanent ban) Sn***Ice (Permanent ban) Ti***ri (Permanent ban) Mi***ey (Permanent ban) Ro***ee (Permanent ban) Ar***ky (Permanent ban) gi***ol (Permanent ban) La***ys (Permanent ban) xi***ng (Permanent ban) Ro***yr (Permanent ban) GU***RD (Permanent ban) Re***ne (Permanent ban) XM***aX (Permanent ban) go***f (Permanent ban) je***n (Permanent ban) Ge***n (Permanent ban) Ro***p (Permanent ban) ko***n (Permanent ban) AZ***A (Permanent ban) 네비*** (Permanent ban) Va*** (Permanent ban) ya*** (Permanent ban) te*** (Permanent ban) 機戰*** (Permanent ban) Bu*** (Permanent ban) To*** (Permanent ban) pa*** (Permanent ban) Ki*** (Permanent ban) Ha*** (Permanent ban) V**n (Permanent ban) e**a (Permanent ban) 愛**大 (Permanent ban) 愛**n (Permanent ban) 固**魚 (Permanent ban) 凱**斯 (Permanent ban) 보**리 (Permanent ban) 엔*라 (Permanent ban) 锐*萌 (Permanent ban) 육*기 (Permanent ban) 테*나 (Permanent ban) 烏*賽 (Permanent ban) ア*ラ (Permanent ban) 뒤* (Permanent ban) 팬* (Permanent ban)     Europe Server kingz*** (Permanent ban) Tatum*** (3DAYS) sto*** (Permanent ban) xtr*** (Permanent ban) Bossssss*** (Permanent ban) Le*** (Permanent ban) D** (Permanent ban) Yuka*** (Permanent ban) Ma*** (Permanent ban) mma*** (Permanent ban) RedG*** (Permanent ban) Silverm*** (Permanent ban) Ag* (Permanent ban) ob* (Permanent ban) Rusoturi*** (Permanent ban) TormentorOf*** (Permanent ban) Lon*** (Permanent ban) hh***jckk2owoofjh (Permanent ban) Ol***aJanchen (Permanent ban) Oz***essalius (Permanent ban) Da***infernus (Permanent ban) so***angsiyKH (Permanent ban) ka***ro12323 (Permanent ban) Am***Tsubasa (Permanent ban) Ev***nSonin (Permanent ban) Er***usnita (Permanent ban) xX***eradXx (Permanent ban) Br***nArt3x (Permanent ban) Ma***zen213 (Permanent ban) ja***tampan (Permanent ban) Li***Huenda (Permanent ban) Th***layer9 (Permanent ban) Da***nisher (Permanent ban) st***nyu13 (Permanent ban) Vo***yrant (Permanent ban) Pr***eQuen (Permanent ban) Be***ssima (Permanent ban) RI***ULOrd (Permanent ban) ja***frozz (Permanent ban) vu***nh180 (Permanent ban) Me***listz (Permanent ban) Pr***erama (Permanent ban) KA***x9999 (Permanent ban) Na***Sayen (Permanent ban) Fl***Earth (Permanent ban) Ov***eared (Permanent ban) Yu***34rus (Permanent ban) Je***丶Zard (Permanent ban) Ch***tLan (Permanent ban) Ha***Miau (Permanent ban) Le***otti (Permanent ban) Al***ed23 (Permanent ban) Te***orak (Permanent ban) Be***iten (Permanent ban) Mu***chez (Permanent ban) Ka***ferf (Permanent ban) Yi***mert (Permanent ban) Al***lack (Permanent ban) Dr***nRed (Permanent ban) Ri***Chan (Permanent ban) wo***rful (Permanent ban) Ni***nyat (Permanent ban) Ha***shin (Permanent ban) DE***2728 (Permanent ban) mb***army (Permanent ban) Di***name (Permanent ban) Su***masa (Permanent ban) Ka***oK0I (Permanent ban) Dj***kolz (Permanent ban) Ki***nPaw (Permanent ban) Ca***raka (Permanent ban) Be***dris (Permanent ban) De***fano (Permanent ban) iw***iwen (Permanent ban) De***r666 (Permanent ban) AL***SLAN (Permanent ban) Ma***hiki (Permanent ban) be***yizm (Permanent ban) ge***nxed (Permanent ban) Ba***eepy (Permanent ban) LO***OLF1 (Permanent ban) su***tuga (Permanent ban) So***ashe (Permanent ban) ka***atka (Permanent ban) AP***IZER (Permanent ban) Te***ova (Permanent ban) At***ina (Permanent ban) Si***ong (Permanent ban) Qu***ion (Permanent ban) ki***ung (Permanent ban) Bi***zzy (Permanent ban) Th***and (Permanent ban) An***God (Permanent ban) Fu***ink (Permanent ban) Na***aga (Permanent ban) Vi***lll (Permanent ban) th***duy (Permanent ban) Ge***Boa (Permanent ban) No***iew (Permanent ban) ar***nge (Permanent ban) Ba***ros (Permanent ban) Mi***ara (Permanent ban) hg***jkk (Permanent ban) De***der (Permanent ban) ch***ucu (Permanent ban) Fa***tia (Permanent ban) KI***221 (Permanent ban) Un***max (Permanent ban) Ba***ago (Permanent ban) Tu***llz (Permanent ban) un***oft (Permanent ban) Go***ond (Permanent ban) fr***h02 (Permanent ban) ya***123 (Permanent ban) In***nct (Permanent ban) Sc***lev (Permanent ban) Pi***007 (Permanent ban) Nu***oey (Permanent ban) De***inn (Permanent ban) pp***man (Permanent ban) Po***amp (Permanent ban) Sn***ZzZ (Permanent ban) pa***a99 (Permanent ban) mi***aka (Permanent ban) Zo***ckk (Permanent ban) SP***ANX (Permanent ban) Re***DIE (Permanent ban) Pr***zoa (Permanent ban) Sh***w29 (Permanent ban) De***cer (Permanent ban) Lu***eee (Permanent ban) Be***daL (Permanent ban) Th***nly (Permanent ban) 时光***薄凉丶 (Permanent ban) BA***TKA (Permanent ban) bl***err (Permanent ban) Ei***ous (Permanent ban) ri***ky (Permanent ban) Go***en (Permanent ban) Ar***aa (Permanent ban) Ca***ob (Permanent ban) Ja***ow (Permanent ban) Ra***Ci (Permanent ban) Xi***er (Permanent ban) ha***na (Permanent ban) Ha***ol (Permanent ban) Le***ng (Permanent ban) PA***Nz (Permanent ban) Wa***rX (Permanent ban) Ma***lK (Permanent ban) Re***me (Permanent ban) St***Ss (Permanent ban) to***ii (Permanent ban) TU***AS (Permanent ban) Ha***da (Permanent ban) DR***TH (Permanent ban) Tt***gg (Permanent ban) Ch***in (Permanent ban) Az***ra (Permanent ban) Mr***nt (Permanent ban) To***ie (Permanent ban) Do***in (Permanent ban) my***ey (Permanent ban) ba***un (Permanent ban) Th***rk (Permanent ban) ly***ne (Permanent ban) me***22 (Permanent ban) ai***do (Permanent ban) cb***ek (Permanent ban) Fa***ha (Permanent ban) Qi***o狼 (Permanent ban) St***an (Permanent ban) GU***55 (Permanent ban) Sr***na (Permanent ban) In***us (Permanent ban) Ka***O1 (Permanent ban) bo***vv (Permanent ban) ag***ws (Permanent ban) Ka***00 (Permanent ban) Er***ta (Permanent ban) Go***ew (Permanent ban) Ra***rz (Permanent ban) AL***DA (Permanent ban) Ri***ko (Permanent ban) AG***48 (Permanent ban) Re***ux (Permanent ban) RO***EN (Permanent ban) ak***mi (Permanent ban) Xa***ed (Permanent ban) AN***NA (Permanent ban) oO***Oo (Permanent ban) To***os (Permanent ban) ma***ml (Permanent ban) La***oz (Permanent ban) Re***an (Permanent ban) yo***99 (Permanent ban) Ma***34 (Permanent ban) Gr***ty (Permanent ban) Sk***rk (Permanent ban) hu***ng (Permanent ban) To***60 (Permanent ban) TE***lM (Permanent ban) tr***k3 (Permanent ban) Na***en (Permanent ban) CI***G (Permanent ban) DE***T (Permanent ban) ci***e (Permanent ban) Th***z (Permanent ban) ta***t (Permanent ban) Re***r (Permanent ban) Ce***z (Permanent ban) co***u (Permanent ban) Xc***r (Permanent ban) ea***s (Permanent ban) Xe***r (Permanent ban) pe***a (Permanent ban) 66***6 (Permanent ban) ja***t (Permanent ban) Ni***i (Permanent ban) Ka***d (Permanent ban) Se***a (Permanent ban) Az***6 (Permanent ban) av***r (Permanent ban) Ex***l (Permanent ban) Ta***i (Permanent ban) Ae***a (Permanent ban) 10***日 (Permanent ban) Va***a (Permanent ban) yu***a (Permanent ban) ri***4 (Permanent ban) 东方***煲 (Permanent ban) li***h (Permanent ban) No***i (Permanent ban) Tr***s (Permanent ban) Ze***r (Permanent ban) 92***d (Permanent ban) As***l (Permanent ban) Sl***y (Permanent ban) ma***u (Permanent ban) Cl***e (Permanent ban) TH***Z (Permanent ban) Bh***e (Permanent ban) Ma***e (Permanent ban) Fl***o (Permanent ban) Ir***l (Permanent ban) Hy***a (Permanent ban) 9L***9 (Permanent ban) br***i (Permanent ban) Sw***y (Permanent ban) 1B***k (Permanent ban) Ms***a (Permanent ban) Bo***d (Permanent ban) RA***A (Permanent ban) Mu***a (Permanent ban) TS***3 (Permanent ban) Kr***a (Permanent ban) do***u (Permanent ban) gh***s (Permanent ban) Ul***o (Permanent ban) fe***1 (Permanent ban) Sh***i (Permanent ban) wa***0 (Permanent ban) Th***y (Permanent ban) L1***i (Permanent ban) Bo***e (Permanent ban) Go***H (Permanent ban) Sw***n (Permanent ban) Mo***e (Permanent ban) Ka***4 (Permanent ban) Kr***y (Permanent ban) Ex***l (Permanent ban) Fi***G (Permanent ban) po***e (Permanent ban) oh***e (Permanent ban) Vu***u (Permanent ban) My***c (Permanent ban) Sa***x (Permanent ban) us***o (Permanent ban) de***a (Permanent ban) MA***U (Permanent ban) ki***u (Permanent ban) Al***n (Permanent ban) Os*** (Permanent ban) lo*** (Permanent ban) fg*** (Permanent ban) Su*** (Permanent ban) lo*** (Permanent ban) Tr*** (Permanent ban) SL*** (Permanent ban) 아잉*** (Permanent ban) xy*** (Permanent ban) de*** (Permanent ban) 三日*** (Permanent ban) Ch*** (Permanent ban) Si*** (Permanent ban) ME*** (Permanent ban) 60*** (Permanent ban) Ve*** (Permanent ban) SP*** (Permanent ban) Fr*** (Permanent ban) Sa*** (Permanent ban) Ad*** (Permanent ban) se*** (Permanent ban) tm*** (Permanent ban) Ik*** (Permanent ban) Ke*** (Permanent ban) Mi*** (Permanent ban) Si*** (Permanent ban) 最强*** (Permanent ban) La*** (Permanent ban) Ja*** (Permanent ban) ka*** (Permanent ban) bo*** (Permanent ban) 咪咪*** (Permanent ban) Me*** (Permanent ban) sq*** (Permanent ban) bu*** (Permanent ban) Ve*** (Permanent ban) 我不*** (Permanent ban) 弑神*** (Permanent ban) Ne*** (Permanent ban) 我是*** (Permanent ban) Uc*** (Permanent ban) kh*** (Permanent ban) it*** (Permanent ban) Sa*** (Permanent ban) Jo*** (Permanent ban) ve*** (Permanent ban) Ne*** (Permanent ban) Ab*** (Permanent ban) OP*** (Permanent ban) 战神*** (Permanent ban) Kr*** (Permanent ban) 爱爱*** (Permanent ban) qe*** (Permanent ban) Ag*** (Permanent ban) An*** (Permanent ban) Pi*** (Permanent ban) rs*** (Permanent ban) po*** (Permanent ban) PU*** (Permanent ban) Jo*** (Permanent ban) P**r (Permanent ban) 上**儿 (Permanent ban) A**U (Permanent ban) 啊**霸 (Permanent ban) H**d (Permanent ban) V**o (Permanent ban) i**y (Permanent ban) 绝**骄 (Permanent ban) I**I (Permanent ban) 狮**山 (Permanent ban) p**k (Permanent ban) 人**火 (Permanent ban) J**e (Permanent ban) T**o (Permanent ban) M**1 (Permanent ban) 骑**海 (Permanent ban) L**Q (Permanent ban) A**k (Permanent ban) K**G (Permanent ban) X**Z (Permanent ban) 타**다 (Permanent ban) 3**0 (Permanent ban) p**s (Permanent ban) y**h (Permanent ban) O**9 (Permanent ban) P**Z (Permanent ban) 恶**则 (Permanent ban) c**o (Permanent ban) 咸**帝 (Permanent ban) K**X (Permanent ban) B**a (Permanent ban) 1**0 (Permanent ban) M**k (Permanent ban) 锁**痛 (Permanent ban) P**m (Permanent ban) D**x (Permanent ban) 小*郎 (Permanent ban) C*s (Permanent ban) s*z (Permanent ban) 大*王 (Permanent ban) 龍*鳯 (Permanent ban) E*G (Permanent ban) b*l (Permanent ban) 流*風 (Permanent ban) 蕭*蘭 (Permanent ban) P*V (Permanent ban) T*z (Permanent ban) 이*르 (Permanent ban) 艾*姆 (Permanent ban) M*Q (Permanent ban) 逼*痒 (Permanent ban) 花*儿 (Permanent ban) 电*器 (Permanent ban) T*M (Permanent ban) 小* (Permanent ban) 爱* (Permanent ban) 해* (Permanent ban) 筱* (Permanent ban) 艾* (Permanent ban) 中* (Permanent ban) 飒* (Permanent ban) 依* (Permanent ban) 羽* (Permanent ban) 起* (Permanent ban) 银* (Permanent ban) 荒* (Permanent ban) 会* (Permanent ban) 星* (Permanent ban) 乐* (Permanent ban) 暴* (Permanent ban) 禁* (Permanent ban) A* (Permanent ban) 剑* (Permanent ban) 彌* (Permanent ban) Bu***ukuchagama (Permanent ban) Ki***Avatar1290 (Permanent ban) sa***one123sam (Permanent ban) An***idPlayer9 (Permanent ban) to***onternew (Permanent ban) RU***OEJARWO (Permanent ban) Zy***ologist (Permanent ban) RU***OEJARWO (Permanent ban) 12***8554755 (Permanent ban) Gr***Natalie (Permanent ban) No***sPrince (Permanent ban) Li***e7night (Permanent ban) Ra***ouille (Permanent ban) Au***tthaya (Permanent ban) Dz***hterDz (Permanent ban) Da***ouls00 (Permanent ban) Ca***ban666 (Permanent ban) vl***TTEllv (Permanent ban) Na***lieXue (Permanent ban) ki***fgames (Permanent ban) Se***ahDuck (Permanent ban) Fa***n1117 (Permanent ban) La***agura (Permanent ban) Ri***uSama (Permanent ban) HI***der17 (Permanent ban) We***an420 (Permanent ban) Ca***an666 (Permanent ban) Am***rashi (Permanent ban) IP***gVânI (Permanent ban) Dr***nMaxt (Permanent ban) se***ryouf (Permanent ban) ss***aming (Permanent ban) Ri***nEsYa (Permanent ban) sa***nlu55 (Permanent ban) La***mosa (Permanent ban) MI***RUGI (Permanent ban) Mo***erAG (Permanent ban) TR***rior (Permanent ban) tr***lilu (Permanent ban) le***dtns (Permanent ban) As***h001 (Permanent ban) Vo***hana (Permanent ban) Ra***tion (Permanent ban) pi***opoz (Permanent ban) Ma***iaT0 (Permanent ban) Sa***2020 (Permanent ban) Di***King (Permanent ban) DA***ESS0 (Permanent ban) Da***mHMD (Permanent ban) yu***otti (Permanent ban) op***ya89 (Permanent ban) ba***ucky (Permanent ban) Ma***odes (Permanent ban) PR***TORz (Permanent ban) tù***oly (Permanent ban) Ko***rak (Permanent ban) Qu***XII (Permanent ban) KR***HUN (Permanent ban) Ne***ami (Permanent ban) Me***eed (Permanent ban) La***rFR (Permanent ban) Ru***ems (Permanent ban) xu***ran (Permanent ban) Zi***ive (Permanent ban) Pa***ooo (Permanent ban) ll***all (Permanent ban) Si***rQ9 (Permanent ban) Bo***kie (Permanent ban) ci***uik (Permanent ban) si***uck (Permanent ban) Vi***tte (Permanent ban) Al***it杰 (Permanent ban) Sl***ers (Permanent ban) ER***RUL (Permanent ban) Ea***ing (Permanent ban) de***avi (Permanent ban) Du***daI (Permanent ban) o0***u0o (Permanent ban) An***raz (Permanent ban) xy***ell (Permanent ban) Ta***lOy (Permanent ban) KP***TAR (Permanent ban) To***hat (Permanent ban) ko***aka (Permanent ban) mi***ofg (Permanent ban) Ch***lie (Permanent ban) Ab***nne (Permanent ban) Af***ack (Permanent ban) Ri***Zod (Permanent ban) TC***3TC (Permanent ban) ma***oko (Permanent ban) Az***lia (Permanent ban) Kn***rr (Permanent ban) Ba***zy (Permanent ban) jo***ya (Permanent ban) Er***ky (Permanent ban) sa***ri (Permanent ban) Ji***ni (Permanent ban) Lu***Qi (Permanent ban) Ta***ng (Permanent ban) Al***yD (Permanent ban) mo***ii (Permanent ban) Fl***85 (Permanent ban) Xa***us (Permanent ban) Hi***ku (Permanent ban) As***88 (Permanent ban) El***uz (Permanent ban) ya***ar (Permanent ban) Xt***un (Permanent ban) bo***ee (Permanent ban) Mi***ns (Permanent ban) Ha***ul (Permanent ban) Na***os (Permanent ban) na***Ak (Permanent ban) 1s***ot (Permanent ban) Gl***ss (Permanent ban) Ev***yn (Permanent ban) gg***gg (Permanent ban) Bi***ng (Permanent ban) HT***an (Permanent ban) MA***AL (Permanent ban) BO***SS (Permanent ban) Hu***re (Permanent ban) Cr***ix (Permanent ban) nu***fa (Permanent ban) fo***sh (Permanent ban) Ar***in (Permanent ban) Ca***d (Permanent ban) ma***x (Permanent ban) Re***y (Permanent ban) Je***a (Permanent ban) nO***Z (Permanent ban) He***a (Permanent ban) GA***I (Permanent ban) Sa***m (Permanent ban) sb***y (Permanent ban) St***t (Permanent ban) Nb***e (Permanent ban) Er***i (Permanent ban) We***y (Permanent ban) ko***e (Permanent ban) Ne***a (Permanent ban) Ef***n (Permanent ban) tx***o (Permanent ban) He***y (Permanent ban) Az***a (Permanent ban) l3***3 (Permanent ban) nn***1 (Permanent ban) Qi***r (Permanent ban) Ma***1 (Permanent ban) Ni***i (Permanent ban) as***a (Permanent ban) ek***t (Permanent ban) Fi***S (Permanent ban) le***5 (Permanent ban) Se***x (Permanent ban) Zo***v (Permanent ban) 罒Z***罒 (Permanent ban) WH***Y (Permanent ban) sh***y (Permanent ban) Zz***Z (Permanent ban) NA***S (Permanent ban) gi***6 (Permanent ban) gi***n (Permanent ban) 1s***d (Permanent ban) Zi***3 (Permanent ban) Gr***e (Permanent ban) is***r (Permanent ban) Co***u (Permanent ban) DV***e (Permanent ban) hd***d (Permanent ban) xi***i (Permanent ban) Ar***s (Permanent ban) Mi***a (Permanent ban) gi***p (Permanent ban) Qi***t (Permanent ban) GI*** (Permanent ban) Ba*** (Permanent ban) Dn*** (Permanent ban) Li*** (Permanent ban) As*** (Permanent ban) lo*** (Permanent ban) Ar*** (Permanent ban) Ev*** (Permanent ban) 1i*** (Permanent ban) Gu*** (Permanent ban) ro*** (Permanent ban) ke*** (Permanent ban) Sc*** (Permanent ban) em*** (Permanent ban) Bi*** (Permanent ban) Ki*** (Permanent ban) Lu*** (Permanent ban) Na*** (Permanent ban) Li*** (Permanent ban) Ro*** (Permanent ban) Lu*** (Permanent ban) Ta*** (Permanent ban) au*** (Permanent ban) Wi*** (Permanent ban) Yo*** (Permanent ban) HO*** (Permanent ban) Iz*** (Permanent ban) Ro*** (Permanent ban) ga*** (Permanent ban) mm*** (Permanent ban) tu*** (Permanent ban) ze*** (Permanent ban) Ja*** (Permanent ban) f**s (Permanent ban) O**H (Permanent ban) H**z (Permanent ban) N**R (Permanent ban) G**z (Permanent ban) z**a (Permanent ban) e**k (Permanent ban) 엘**스 (Permanent ban) F**s (Permanent ban) V**g (Permanent ban) a**k (Permanent ban) K**G (Permanent ban) 南**羽 (Permanent ban) l**8 (Permanent ban) 醉**桃 (Permanent ban) g**h (Permanent ban) 好**利 (Permanent ban) 龖**彎 (Permanent ban) 0**A (Permanent ban) A**女 (Permanent ban) S**u (Permanent ban) 本**月 (Permanent ban) c**i (Permanent ban) i**F (Permanent ban) E**Y (Permanent ban) 如**掌 (Permanent ban) B**t (Permanent ban) E**y (Permanent ban) 罒*罒 (Permanent ban) 惊*儿 (Permanent ban) 亚*娜 (Permanent ban) 灬*菜 (Permanent ban) 奈*子 (Permanent ban) C*k (Permanent ban) 1*1 (Permanent ban) 엘*인 (Permanent ban) S*K (Permanent ban) 没*看 (Permanent ban) 샤*라 (Permanent ban) 明*夜 (Permanent ban) 血*鹉 (Permanent ban) 杨* (Permanent ban) 舒* (Permanent ban) 단* (Permanent ban) 아* (Permanent ban) S**eo (Permanent ban) J**myp (Permanent ban) Z**o的猫 (Permanent ban) T**um555 (Permanent ban) I**o (Permanent ban) h**bgfb (Permanent ban) a**cEsz (Permanent ban) P**yers (Permanent ban) 地** (Permanent ban) R**uken (Permanent ban) D**kVlainOx (Permanent ban) S**OBI (Permanent ban) 卡** (Permanent ban) A**na (Permanent ban) K**snaKlimz (Permanent ban) k**rai555 (Permanent ban) H**lL (Permanent ban) k**ghtlegend (Permanent ban) 幂**滢 (Permanent ban) K**szbkdzvjg (Permanent ban) 那**看 (Permanent ban) N**gIn (Permanent ban) x**ike (Permanent ban) a**ss (Permanent ban) E**ik (Permanent ban) G**irtth (Permanent ban) 青**铁衣 (Permanent ban) 落**山主 (Permanent ban) S**ard (Permanent ban) i**sh (Permanent ban) 三**七八 (Permanent ban) r**xa (Permanent ban) T**yVie (Permanent ban) H**Noi (Permanent ban) G**tz (Permanent ban) 尉**嘉 (Permanent ban) Y**GIC (Permanent ban) S**e (Permanent ban) O**na (Permanent ban) H**ief (Permanent ban) i**gelBaby (Permanent ban) m**celle (Permanent ban) T**Beauty (Permanent ban) 暴**山敬老院 (Permanent ban) M**ntha (Permanent ban) p**ority (Permanent ban) T**LifeVN (Permanent ban) M**Beo (Permanent ban) 2** (Permanent ban) D**tyIyanna (Permanent ban) b**ch (Permanent ban) G**art (Permanent ban) J**araj (Permanent ban) b**Huum (Permanent ban) N**yka (Permanent ban) M**aSaNoVa (Permanent ban) c**x08 (Permanent ban) n**ten (Permanent ban) N**aa (Permanent ban) H**abuki (Permanent ban) 吕** (Permanent ban) A**eme (Permanent ban) S**S (Permanent ban) S**ra (Permanent ban) T**arot (Permanent ban) n**ty (Permanent ban) a**Fa (Permanent ban) P**to (Permanent ban) o**cYeno (Permanent ban) c**v (Permanent ban) G**aX (Permanent ban) Z**atos (Permanent ban) A**elinia (Permanent ban) 美* (Permanent ban) M**1LLa (Permanent ban) A**una (Permanent ban) B**yChu (Permanent ban) m**i777 (Permanent ban) D**dSoul (Permanent ban) H**z (Permanent ban) D* (Permanent ban) B**rl1 (Permanent ban) A**ay (Permanent ban) B**Pig (Permanent ban) l**CTORl (Permanent ban) X**hura (Permanent ban) D**Gann (Permanent ban) E**lyynn (Permanent ban) h**terx (Permanent ban) G**sune (Permanent ban) P**ngVân (Permanent ban) M**syoupro (Permanent ban) 小* (Permanent ban) A**e (Permanent ban) s**an619 (Permanent ban) A**udbar (Permanent ban) B**uMacho (Permanent ban) 好**利 (Permanent ban) M**K (Permanent ban) D** (Permanent ban) F**66 (Permanent ban) d**gdgd (Permanent ban) A**lix (Permanent ban) R**iD (Permanent ban) S**ek (Permanent ban) D**ilMian (Permanent ban) A**aa (Permanent ban) Fr***lindevil (Permanent ban) De***ViperTH (Permanent ban) wh***collar (Permanent ban) KE***IZAFER (Permanent ban) go***zauno1 (Permanent ban) c0***ant1n3 (Permanent ban) 0P***gVân0 (Permanent ban) pl***codon (Permanent ban) Ki***acker (Permanent ban) Ki***padra (Permanent ban) Ro***arix (Permanent ban) Wi***d007 (Permanent ban) ol***r2pl (Permanent ban) Bl***berg (Permanent ban) Th***Days (Permanent ban) Mi***hime (Permanent ban) ku***pl89 (Permanent ban) Ki***ord (Permanent ban) fa***ove (Permanent ban) jo***07x (Permanent ban) Te***ris (Permanent ban) Di***onz (Permanent ban) ce***ius (Permanent ban) Hi***ata (Permanent ban) Ar***nal (Permanent ban) Sa***aTR (Permanent ban) st***er (Permanent ban) be***OD (Permanent ban) vs***me (Permanent ban) LE***78 (Permanent ban) Li***ay (Permanent ban) sf***hf (Permanent ban) si***04 (Permanent ban) bo***os (Permanent ban) EL***CK (Permanent ban) bb***hx (Permanent ban) hu***on (Permanent ban) UO***NM (Permanent ban) Gh***98 (Permanent ban) Sk***zy (Permanent ban) Mi***ry (Permanent ban) Si***oY (Permanent ban) ic***ze (Permanent ban) Va***e (Permanent ban) Na***a (Permanent ban) Al***s (Permanent ban) tt***9 (Permanent ban) lo***n (Permanent ban) lo***8 (Permanent ban) dj***d (Permanent ban) zo***r (Permanent ban) Da***o (Permanent ban) Jo***i (Permanent ban) pa***r (Permanent ban) Ca***o (Permanent ban) As***n (Permanent ban) Ma***a (Permanent ban) In***e (Permanent ban) Ar***n (Permanent ban) De***s (Permanent ban) Vi***r (Permanent ban) Kr***i (Permanent ban) ay***a (Permanent ban) Ka***y (Permanent ban) an***T (Permanent ban) Ad***s (Permanent ban) 崽崽***s (Permanent ban) wo***o (Permanent ban) Le*** (Permanent ban) Su*** (Permanent ban) Di*** (Permanent ban) co*** (Permanent ban) ma*** (Permanent ban) AI*** (Permanent ban) hk*** (Permanent ban) Ya*** (Permanent ban) Lu*** (Permanent ban) ps*** (Permanent ban) F1*** (Permanent ban) SR*** (Permanent ban) sa*** (Permanent ban) hi** (Permanent ban) fu** (Permanent ban) La** (Permanent ban) lo** (Permanent ban) zi** (Permanent ban) He** (Permanent ban) Ae** (Permanent ban) 万界** (Permanent ban) Sh** (Permanent ban) NY** (Permanent ban) 魑魅** (Permanent ban) 私人** (Permanent ban) Re** (Permanent ban) Bw** (Permanent ban) Zu** (Permanent ban) n*v (Permanent ban) G*m (Permanent ban) p*e (Permanent ban) 阿*儿 (Permanent ban) p*q (Permanent ban) d*j (Permanent ban) 糖*果 (Permanent ban) 夜*醉 (Permanent ban) 1*1 (Permanent ban) I*l (Permanent ban) や*の (Permanent ban) 胖*叔 (Permanent ban) 梦*泪 (Permanent ban) 爱*款 (Permanent ban) 覅* (Permanent ban) 狂* (Permanent ban) 啊* (Permanent ban) 倩* (Permanent ban) 月* (Permanent ban) 蛤* (Permanent ban) 惦* (Permanent ban) 央* (Permanent ban) 忘* (Permanent ban) 武* (Permanent ban) 1i*** (Permanent ban) Pu*** (Permanent ban) ME***YNERTORN (Permanent ban) KA***NAGODRE (Permanent ban) BU***ERDOGAN (Permanent ban) Il***encko (Permanent ban) ra***ghghf (Permanent ban) Ar***ngels (Permanent ban) Al***lesis (Permanent ban) HQ***nzel (Permanent ban) sa***e99s (Permanent ban) Li***Boon (Permanent ban) Al***ther (Permanent ban) He***a120 (Permanent ban) Fe***rien (Permanent ban) ca***1975 (Permanent ban) Sy***anna (Permanent ban) Wa***eins (Permanent ban) RK***PER (Permanent ban) di***m85 (Permanent ban) ya***eaw (Permanent ban) Fr***777 (Permanent ban) La***rea (Permanent ban) Si***ts (Permanent ban) H4***74 (Permanent ban) Ra***ro (Permanent ban) Ry***st (Permanent ban) Sh***io (Permanent ban) DI***RD (Permanent ban) El***en (Permanent ban) ジか***ねジ (Permanent ban) Su***r (Permanent ban) Ni***G (Permanent ban) ug***g (Permanent ban) 穿越***猫 (Permanent ban) Fo***s (Permanent ban) th***s (Permanent ban) Bu*** (Permanent ban) Ro*** (Permanent ban) Gr*** (Permanent ban) mm*** (Permanent ban) sy*** (Permanent ban) Do*** (Permanent ban) 1**2 (Permanent ban) S**o (Permanent ban) B**o (Permanent ban) A**e (Permanent ban) 头**男 (Permanent ban) S**p (Permanent ban) z**j (Permanent ban) 暮**城 (Permanent ban) z**l (Permanent ban) E**c (Permanent ban) X*J (Permanent ban) 嫩* (Permanent ban) 4* (Permanent ban) 强* (Permanent ban) 若* (Permanent ban) ar***ragneel (Permanent ban) Ye***eksizim (Permanent ban) Ea***rRabbit (Permanent ban) Ju***sCaesar (Permanent ban) Lo***pitfire (Permanent ban) fi***antasy (Permanent ban) Az***Dragon (Permanent ban) Tw***edFate (Permanent ban) Es***orRaze (Permanent ban) sh***ymyra (Permanent ban) sh***n1975 (Permanent ban) Xx***oNxX1 (Permanent ban) Gr***3aper (Permanent ban) De***yShot (Permanent ban) Sn***Eater (Permanent ban) He***nFall (Permanent ban) dr***ling (Permanent ban) bl***r0se (Permanent ban) na***opro (Permanent ban) Xx***oNxX (Permanent ban) St***an75 (Permanent ban) St***aCox (Permanent ban) xX***zeXx (Permanent ban) bi***unce (Permanent ban) sa***tt89 (Permanent ban) an***her (Permanent ban) du***nnn (Permanent ban) HU***ISZ (Permanent ban) Le***d00 (Permanent ban) Ba***yyy (Permanent ban) SP***ANS (Permanent ban) AG***IVE (Permanent ban) Pr***ter (Permanent ban) Lo***ego (Permanent ban) Ar***aba (Permanent ban) Pl***kst (Permanent ban) Ki***ter (Permanent ban) Fa***aFF (Permanent ban) pe***dra (Permanent ban) Do***hVy (Permanent ban) Go***bra (Permanent ban) Sa***a84 (Permanent ban) Ki***nMi (Permanent ban) hs***u98 (Permanent ban) FJ***vIe (Permanent ban) kk***jjj (Permanent ban) Ne***ana (Permanent ban) ka***tsa (Permanent ban) Su***n07 (Permanent ban) ja***ack (Permanent ban) HO***ee (Permanent ban) Yu***03 (Permanent ban) Al***as (Permanent ban) IM***TL (Permanent ban) Th***ak (Permanent ban) yo***ha (Permanent ban) gu***la (Permanent ban) ks***ve (Permanent ban) Wa***yk (Permanent ban) o0***0o (Permanent ban) Wi***ed (Permanent ban) Ma***es (Permanent ban) he***e1 (Permanent ban) Ro***rk (Permanent ban) Kl***is (Permanent ban) Ku***85 (Permanent ban) bd***98 (Permanent ban) Cl***e8 (Permanent ban) SA***EY (Permanent ban) an***lz (Permanent ban) So***ge (Permanent ban) Ec***or (Permanent ban) Nh***en (Permanent ban) Md***ht (Permanent ban) AD***P1 (Permanent ban) Ar***id (Permanent ban) la***nh (Permanent ban) So***Ti (Permanent ban) Ha***e (Permanent ban) HE***Y (Permanent ban) SV***S (Permanent ban) Li***o (Permanent ban) Ma***s (Permanent ban) Gi***n (Permanent ban) Pa***N (Permanent ban) lo***g (Permanent ban) Ma***L (Permanent ban) fa***8 (Permanent ban) Di***o (Permanent ban) Mo***9 (Permanent ban) To***H (Permanent ban) Ai***z (Permanent ban) Se***N (Permanent ban) Ni***Z (Permanent ban) De***t (Permanent ban) Na***o (Permanent ban) IM***H (Permanent ban) js***n (Permanent ban) ju***3 (Permanent ban) Ha***D (Permanent ban) zM***z (Permanent ban) Ha***n (Permanent ban) To***o (Permanent ban) KA***N (Permanent ban) GX***6 (Permanent ban) G7***Z (Permanent ban) pl*** (Permanent ban) 春江*** (Permanent ban) Ha*** (Permanent ban) me*** (Permanent ban) li*** (Permanent ban) Oz*** (Permanent ban) Mo*** (Permanent ban) Za*** (Permanent ban) Me*** (Permanent ban) SE*** (Permanent ban) be*** (Permanent ban) vi*** (Permanent ban) pe*** (Permanent ban) R3*** (Permanent ban) As*** (Permanent ban) An*** (Permanent ban) 深渊*** (Permanent ban) dk*** (Permanent ban) xB*** (Permanent ban) Ri*** (Permanent ban) na*** (Permanent ban) Ro*** (Permanent ban) Sy*** (Permanent ban) F**D (Permanent ban) N**T (Permanent ban) H**u (Permanent ban) a**n (Permanent ban) 男**弹 (Permanent ban) N**x (Permanent ban) v**a (Permanent ban) H**t (Permanent ban) R**d (Permanent ban) S**M (Permanent ban) R**x (Permanent ban) h**n (Permanent ban) 龍*鳳 (Permanent ban) 哦*婆 (Permanent ban) 艹*艹 (Permanent ban) o*a (Permanent ban) 白*水 (Permanent ban) 摄*王 (Permanent ban) h*2 (Permanent ban) G*W (Permanent ban) G*V (Permanent ban) S*K (Permanent ban) s*d (Permanent ban) S* (Permanent ban) 丫* (Permanent ban) 프* (Permanent ban) 主* (Permanent ban) t* (Permanent ban) ATrashG*** (Permanent ban) Lem*** (Permanent ban) --   If you have any questions, please send a CS ticket with your “Unique ID” and “Nickname” via Customer Service Center as below, America Server: Europe Server:   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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