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2020-09-28 Patch notes


0.20.0   [Event] ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Lady Terra for 1 week( 2020-09-30 05:00 ~ 2020-10-07 05:00). ■ Guild Wars Preparations Event has been added. - Event Period : 2020.09.28 (Mon) Post Maintenance ~ 2020.10.13 (Tue) 05:00 - Day 1 : 1,000,000 Gold - Day 2 : 25 Elite Pet Hatch Ticket - Day 3 :100 Mysterious Star Fragment - Day 4 :50 Miraculous Meteor - Day 5 : 2 Selective Fellow Souls (10 Souls each) - Day 6 :20 Badge of Honor - Day 7 : 1,000 Emeralds   ■ Accumulated Battle Key Use Event will take place. - Event Period : 2020.09.28 (Mon) Post Maintenance ~ 2020.10.13 (Tue) 05:00   ■ Daily Rewards for Guild Wars Preparations - Event Period : 2020.09.28 (Mon) ~ 2020.10.13 (Tue) (16 Days) - During the Event perios, saviors could collect Battle Keys *150, Sweep Tickets *2 and Sandglass of Prosperity *10 from mail inbox every 5:00 AM.   ■ Hot Time for Guild Wars Preparations - Event Period : 2020.09.29 (Tue) ~ 2020.10.13 (Tue) - Drop rates of Gold and ingredients from Campaign zones and Conquest battles are increased by 100% during Hot Times EU Server: 17:00~23:00 (UTC+1) NA Server: 16:00~22:00 (UTC-8)   ■ Doubled Gold/Key Recharges - Event Period : 2020.09.28 (Mon) Post Maintenance ~ 2020.10.13 (Tue) 05:00 - Gold and Battle Keys will double their recharge rates during the Event Period     [Game Contents] ■ Guild War has been added. - Due to the stability of the service, we update the practice mode first, and the regular seasons for Guild War will take place in the future update. - The reward of the regular season are as follows ㄴGuild War Coins can be acquired from competing in the Competitions, and can be used to purchase various prizes in the [Guild War Shop] ㄴWeekly league rewards will be provided upon completing each week’s Guild War, and players must participate at least 3 times in order to receive the rewards ㄴValein can be acquired from the Guild war. ■ Companion Collection of Valein has been added.   [New Products] ■ New Companion Lady Terra Package of Special Offer has been added (2020-09-30 05:00:00 ~ 2020-10-28 05:00:00). ※ Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server and UTC+1 for the EU Server.   [Improvements] ■ Pet System has been improved. - Same categories Pet will be arranged together. ㄴYou can choose the skin and check the skill information of same categories pet in the Team Settings Slot. ㄴSame categories pet will be arranged together in Pets Collection which can collect reward in the catalog. - The categories of Pet in equipment has been improved. ㄴYou can check the new categories pet, Pet Collection, Hatch Pet and Combining Pets in equipment. ㄴ[Combine] has been removed from Pet Info. - Hatch Pet and Combine system has been improved ㄴEven if you skip the process of the pet hatching and combining, the information will be displayed when you acquire the Legendary Pet. ㄴWhen you acquire a duplicate pet, a pop-up window will show the substitute of the duplicate pets. ㄴWhen you acquire a Legendaty Pet from th Hatch Pet and Combine, the system message will appear in Chat. - Upgrade of Pet System has been improved. ㄴIf you can't earn the enough exp to the next level by using Pet Growth Fruit, the text of "After Upgrade" won't appear. ㄴWhen the Pet reachs to the Max level, system will show the text of Maximum Upgrade in Pet info. ㄴYou can collect reward directly from the Follow Effects in Pet Info. ㄴPets will show their level in Victory screen now. - The Notice and information of Pet System has been improved. ㄴThe text of "Available" would appear when there has reward but you didn't collect it. ㄴWhen you move to Notice due to the Pet Collection Reward, it will take you to the button which didn't obtain the reward yet. ㄴYou can distinguish the type of pets clearly by the effects in Hatching Pet and Combining. ㄴEach pet has been marked with icons of different type . [Original], [Special], [Limited]   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where the notification red dot would appear even when you max out Bianca's gift level.   [Event Disclaimer] ■ Schedules are executed in UTC-8 for the NA Server and UTC+1 for the EU Server. ■ To cancel the payment for the purchased product, contact our Support within the valid period from the purchase date and most importantly , without having accepted the mail. (Settings → Support)

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