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Sep 28, 2020, 01:29 PM 1,525 read

[Event Notice] Guild Wars


The Guild wars match guilds in groups of 6 to battle one another in a round-robin format to determine the strongest guild in Herse. ※ Due to the stability of the service, we update the practice mode first, and the regular seasons for Guild War will take place in the future update.

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  ■ Guild War Participation During the Guild War application and preparation period (Mondays and Tuesdakys during the Guild War season), guilds must apply to participate in the Guild Wars. Guilds that do not apply cannot take part in battles during the period of the Guild Wars.   ■ Guild War League Reward After a week of Guild Wars is complete, players are given league rewards according to their guilds’ rankings. After the Guild Wars have ended, players can collect their rewards by returning to the Guild Wars screen after rewards have been paid out. ※ League rewards cannot be claimed the Guild War results are being calculated. ※ To receive the Guild war league reward, you must have joined battles at least 3 times during the week.  

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