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Sep 16, 2020, 04:05 PM 280 read

2020-09-16 Patch notes


0.15.0 Patch note   [Event] ■ [Bingo] event will take place. ■ Hanbok Special Battles – Event Battles - Gigantic, Rowin, Philippa, Nazriel ■ Event Battles will be arranged to Niki for 1 week.   [Game Contents] ■ The Pet system has been added - Pets can be acquired from Conquest stages, Combining them, event rewards, and hatching - Pets can be accompanied with by equipping them in the Team Settings slot, and provides various additional effects. ■ Pets have been added to the Collection system - Players can receive various stat bonuses from collecting and upgrading pets, along with medal points - Collection effects are activated at all times regardless of whether the pet is equipped or not ■ The Exchange system has been added in the main menu. - Regular exchange events can be accessed from the Exchange system, along with a weekly schedule ■ Secret Shop has been added - Can be accessed upon clearing the Sanctuary of Pledge for Battlefield 5, and appears as an event upon clearing a boss battle or Realm of Lore - Daily / Weekly / Achievement missions related to the Secret Shop have been added ■ The [Guardian Set] equipments have been added - Guardian Revival Ring, Guardian Cocoon Ring, Guardian Belt - The [Revival Ring] has been reassigned as a part of the [Guardian Set] ㄴThe name of the equipment will be changed to [Guardian Revival Ring], and will be allocated to the [Set Equipment] category in the Equipment Collection ㄴ Upgrades for the [Revival Ring] will be maintained, original medals will shift to new equipment set. ㄴ Medal missions will be added to the [Guardian Revival Ring] ■ Improve the reward from Unknown Workshop - Sandglass of Promise has been added. - Legendary ㄴ Pandora Material, Sweep Ticket, Skill Point - Rare ㄴThe amount of gold gained has been increased.   [New Products] ■ Skins Packages for Hanbok has been added. - Savior, Gigantic, Rowin, Philippa, Nazriel ■ The Special Pet Growth Fruit has been added, used for leveling up pets. ■ Common Pet Hatch Ticket has been added. ■ New Companion Niki Package of Special Offer has been added.   [Balaence] ■ Increase the target score and rewards of Weapon Challenge.   [Improvements] ■ The main title screen has been changed for the Pet system update ■ Reduce the emerald cost of the sweep tickets and cancel the purchase count.

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