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Aug 10, 2020, 06:26 PM 459 read

[Notice] Announcement on Banned Players (August) 【Revised 9/1】

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior: notice - [Notice] Announcement on Banned Players (August)  【Revised 9/1】 image 1

Hello Saviors, We strongly recommend users not to use any kind of illegal programs or third-party software to cheat in the game. Once you are banned, your account cannot be recovered, and your refund abusing is also being monitored and banned.   America Server 阿* (Permanent ban) Dpo*** (Permanent ban) NgonNha*** (Permanent ban) sa* (Permanent ban) 1tay*** (Permanent ban) G3** (Permanent ban) DraCh*** (Permanent ban) Banshe*** (Permanent ban) --   Europe Server 아** (Permanent ban) Versa*** (Permanent ban) Ug* (Permanent ban) wispy*** (Permanent ban) KobeBry*** (Permanent ban) Linh*** (Permanent ban) 鼬g* (Permanent ban) mesa*** (Permanent ban) Ie** (Permanent ban) 敖* (3 DAYS) MiAN*** (Permanent ban) --   If you have any questions, please send a CS ticket with your “Unique ID” and “Nickname” via CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER as below, America Server: Europe Server:   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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