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[Notice] Announcement on Banned Players (June) 【Revised 06/29】

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior: notice - [Notice] Announcement on Banned Players (June) 【Revised 06/29】 image 2

Hello Saviors, We strongly recommend users not to use any kind of illegal programs or third-party software to cheat in the game. Once you are banned, your account cannot be recovered, and your refund abusing is also being monitored and banned.   America Server 童颜** (3 Days) LuckyMo*** (Permanent ban) 레** (Permanent ban) daw*** (Permanent ban) 爱** (Permanent ban) blazer*** (Permanent ban) Cloud*** (Permanent ban) Ll** (Permanent ban) Gu*** (Permanent ban) ZzzCT*** (Permanent ban) RedValky*** (Permanent ban) Cather*** (3 Days) kele*** (Permanent ban) VnK*** (Permanent ban) Lem*** (Permanent ban) d1abl*** (Permanent ban) Mu*** (3 Days) 非と琳の*** (Permanent ban) Blaz*** (Permanent ban) 龙* (Permanent ban) Eii*** (Permanent ban) piip*** (Permanent ban) Strife*** (Permanent ban) Min*** (3 Days) Viol*** (3 Days) PokerF*** (Permanent ban) Nicola*** (Permanent ban) Co** (Permanent ban) Ak*** (Permanent ban) Frozensha*** (3 Days) Snowc*** (3 Days) AmeriC*** (Permanent ban) Eoro*** (Permanent ban) Jud*** (3 Days) Cather*** (Permanent ban) B0*** (3 Days) Radiod*** (3 Days) Mi** (Permanent ban) Francisco*** (Permanent ban) Eu*** (Permanent ban) iMar*** (3 Days) ZEXO*** (Permanent ban) Cro*** (Permanent ban) Excu*** (Permanent ban) Te*** (Permanent ban) Id*** (Permanent ban) To*** (Permanent ban) Re** (Permanent ban) DearJ*** (Permanent ban) Elderitch*** (Permanent ban) Viol*** (Permanent ban) Unfette*** (3 Days) 海軍*** (Permanent ban) Eskanor*** (Permanent ban) cand*** (Permanent ban) lun*** (Permanent ban) Andaerie*** (Permanent ban) M** (Permanent ban) 丶R** (Permanent ban) 孤** (Permanent ban) Min*** (Permanent ban) Kry*** (Permanent ban) MissI*** (3 Days) Ra*** (3 Days) 试作*** (Permanent ban) 97*** (Permanent ban) Phantoms*** (Permanent ban) HaY*** (Permanent ban) Frozensha*** (Permanent ban) JudgeP*** (Permanent ban) Ru** (Permanent ban) 9** (Permanent ban) 阿** (3 Days) 试作*** (Permanent ban) Ti** (Permanent ban) Moji*** (Permanent ban) Unfette*** (Permanent ban) Sc*** (Permanent ban) 试作*** (Permanent ban) 试作型*** (Permanent ban) Candymo*** (Permanent ban) --   Europe Server TheSile*** (Permanent ban) Lilw*** (Permanent ban) bebe*** (Permanent ban) bebe*** (Permanent ban) JJo*** (Permanent ban) BoomSac*** (Permanent ban) Jessi*** (Permanent ban) sim*** (Permanent ban) dbsbba*** (Permanent ban) 煙火** (Permanent ban) thesla*** (3 Days) Di*** (Permanent ban) iA** (Permanent ban) VoX*** (Permanent ban) Linh*** (3 Days) Ja** (3 Days) 风** (Permanent ban) CnE*** (Permanent ban) Victir*** (Permanent ban) Shinr*** (Permanent ban) Goldman8*** (Permanent ban) 烟火** (Permanent ban) thesla*** (Permanent ban) 阿** (Permanent ban) YoonaS*** (Permanent ban) Sam*** (Permanent ban) Babymu*** (3 Days) Linh*** (Permanent ban) Isabel*** (Permanent ban) Youp*** (Permanent ban) tyu*** (Permanent ban) Foxs*** (Permanent ban) sg** (Permanent ban) Lostpo*** (Permanent ban) stepbo*** (Permanent ban) KubiQG*** (Permanent ban) Dat*** (Permanent ban) Arno*** (Permanent ban) --   If you have any questions, please send a CS ticket with your “Unique ID” and “Nickname” via CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER as below, America Server: Europe Server:   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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