Crimson Nightfall LV.4 Lurker
Jun 21, 2020, 09:31 PM 6 read

Group looking for Members

Looking for Group
Crimson Nightfall Game ID: Crimson#8607
PC Competitive MIC ASAP
Start Time ASAP A new team has been created.
  • xXiiRemxiiXx
    Game ID: Xxiioriginl

Hey everyone,   I'm from an active, chill, and non-toxic environment and a welcoming group. With 2500+ members and sponsors like Twitch and Discord, we have both higher and lower ranked people so everyone has someone to game with.   We organize and host games from casual QuickPlay/Arcade/Workshop all the way to Ladder & Competitive Inhouse, with lots in between through many different games. We offer inhouse tournaments for you and your people to fight in, some for enjoyment and our highest for monetary gain.   If you want to form/join a competitive roster with other same-minded people in the group, we have many opportunities to compete, practice, and support what we build.   If this is of your interest and you wish to know more or ask questions, send me a message on Discord: Crimson#8607 Talk to you later.

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