Shoutout to this guy. He is makin free logos

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pet Genji workshop

code: RHZGS and only in PTR

LV.13 Chief 20d

Workshop mode gets dummy bots, dancing Reinhardts

Overwatch’s latest test region patch brings a clutch of changes to its Workshop, the experimental mode that allows players to create their own games. The biggest is the ability to add dummy bots; characters that have no human or AI driving their actions. Crafty players, then, can use the scripting tools to make them do just about whatever they like. Having seen what people have done with the Workshop already, that’s exciting.
People are already using these dummy bots to create scenarios for aim training, particularly against tricky heroes like Doomfist. This was technically possible before, but it required another player to sit idle in Doomfist’s place, only there to be shot at over and over again. Which was not especially riveting.
But, as with all things in the Workshop, it opens up more off the wall possibilities, too. Like a beautifully choreographed swarm of Reinhardts created by long-time Workshop streamer Darwin.
it's only playable in PTR. Code: E6KVC

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I just started streaming

Im streaming overwatch
My Mixer is LostOstrich5412

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Sigma the dodgeball player

Overwatch player Pug has created a custom mode called “Sigma Dodgeball” (code: 0V80F), in which two teams of six Sigmas face off in the time-honored sport that’s basically an IRL battle royale for children (and some adults).

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Can someone make this

Ok so can someone make it to if bastion goes into turret form he instantly dies or goes back to spawn
It will be called
The way he should be


Super Smash Bros. workshop


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No lie

More at bottom

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Help me!!

I am somewhat new to this game and don't really know who to play. I've tried almost every hero and haven't had, much luck with them. I usually use Reaper and Soldier 76. Is there anyone that would be good for starters?

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When u kill the bastain

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Where are the LGBTQ Ow players ?

Hit me up on Xbox 😏 Gt: Moralisms

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Someone should make a perfect Pokémon game mode

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Workshop Lounge! 🔧🔨🧰

Haven’t noticed this new lounge yet until now, but I’m really happy that this is a lounge!

Thank you to Moot for making this a lounge, I predict it will be super amazing!

Have fun lads and ladresses!


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Zombies in Overwatch?!

I've been working on a game mode, where 2 heroes must fight off the Enemy players (zombies). The goal is heroes survive for 5 minutes, or the zombies get 5 kills. Balancing heroes and making each character feel fair has been the hardest challenge

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