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Fitness 👌🏻

Overwatch: Memes - Fitness 👌🏻 image 1

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    I guess that this picture shows the image of everyone 'cause you know all of us want to look great and at the same time eating everything we want and doing nothing lol. You know I have a friend who looks pretty the same as this guy and always says that he is going to the gym and keep on a diet, but in fact, he does nothing haha. During this pandemic, he created a small gym at home. He even bought a nordictrack commercial 1750 treadmill and time by time uses it. Actually, it was a little hard for him to choose a treadmill but thanks to the review that he found and the opinion of the other fitness "fans" he bought it lol. You can read here some reviews about this treadmill here https://calibrate.fitness/nordictrack-commercial-1750-review/.