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Dec 7, 2018, 12:18 PM 156 read

Console Gaming League

Console Gaming League is a centralized hub for console gamers on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to play together as well as compete. With LFG and PUG formats in multiple titles, you can always count on being able to find non-toxic people to play with. We have a very active console Overwatch community, and are expanding communities for the following games: Call of Duty: Black OPS IIII Fortnite PUBG Battlefield V Rainbow 6: Siege GTA V Madden FIFA NBA 2K Rocket League Smash Bros Forza Smite Fallout 76 Halo Gears of War Dragonball Fighter Z Destiny In January of 2019 we will begin the largest Overwatch console tournament/season to date, with eye-popping prize pools to be announced. Additionally, we will be hosting a CoD: BO4 5v5 tourney on XB1 and PS4 12/14-12/16 with top team on each platform taking $150, 2nd place taking $50. We welcome all console gamers to join the discord, play together, and help grow the console gaming community together!

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