Chrome Gecko LV.10 Nomad
May 22, 2020, 02:59 AM 131 read

Anyone looking for a Clan to join?


Come be apart of DEAD END GAMING a multi-platform, multi-region clan, for all types of gamers fun casual or sweaty. The idea is when someone needs a teammate on multiple different games u have a place where there is plenty of gamers ready to jump in Cause like #fuckrandoms. Also if you're tired of toxic players here's a new hashtag for ya #FuckToxicAssholes   We have people from all over the world! We play casual and competitive, depending on the night. We try and host weekly game nights to keep everyone motivated and wanting to play! We also have a ranking structure and responsibilities if you are wanting to help out our community. Keep in mind, you don't have to rank up, you can just hang out and game with the DEG family!   OUR REQUIREMENTS 16+ ONLY WORKING MIC DOWNLOAD AND STAY ACTIVE VIA DISCORD   (Also If your interested in recruiting players or becoming an Admin just contact one of the founders)   if your interested comment below ur discord name or add me on discord Chrome Gecko#0565   We have comp tryouts going on and many other things, top played games include modern warfare, Fortnite, Apex, r6s, rocket league, GTA 5, Minecraft l, and many more!   We also help promote streams if you are part of the clan!  

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