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Show Me Your Favorite Genji Skin

Well To Genji He takes skill, compatibility, focus, level head, and a whole crap ton of time to take heat Okay is it me or something I’m just chilling play some Genji my main and there’s this toxic 60 year old dude picks up his mic and says “YOUR SOOOO BAD YOU LITERALLY HAVE NO KILLS DO YOU EVEN PLAY GENJI HOLY CRAP OMG YOUR DOG CRAP” I’m like did you know Genji plays back line and is used to deal tank damage and secretly kill people Wow you didn’t but besides my rant #QuestionTime ——————————————————————— So what’s your favorite Genji skin Gone or in the game presently Well I have two Pacific Genji

BlackWatch Genji

So what’s your favorite Genji Skin? -Banana64

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