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Feb 18, 2021, 07:15 AM 132 read

AOD: 16+ Gaming Community

The Angels of Death offers an enjoyable, active, and non-toxic community of over 200+ active Overwatch players ranging from Bronze to Grandmaster players. We are based in NA but have a range of members on EU servers, so you can easily find members to play Overwatch.   AOD offers a tremendous casual player experience and a helpful competitive community that is more than happy to help with tips, tricks, VOD reviews, and coaching to reach that next tier!   Requirements to join AOD: 16+, Access to TeamSpeak, Working microphone… That's it!   We have a highly active discord, which you can check out here where we can help you out with your application: AOD Discord, or you can apply directly here!

  The Angels of Death can always use more heroes. We hope you'll join us soon!  

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