Sunflower LV.6 Nomad
Jan 1, 2021, 04:42 AM 50 read

lfgs are so toxic lol

story time :D I finally find people that talk on here in a little group, I join a party w them, and then get booted after saying hi, and blocked by the chick that invited me?? for no reason theres the group lfgs on ow itself, and the people in those are so judgy and if your stats or your voice arent to their liking, they kick you some guy told me to get the d*ck out of my mouth and talk bc my mic was too quiet I guess?? some other kid got the dps slot too late and started literally screaming at me so I would leave also been called r*tarded and the n word for not pocketing a dps with a huge ego lmao idek but people are like, so toxic for no reason ;-; anyways if you cared to read this far im always looking for people to play with :D

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