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Nov 11, 2020, 04:36 AM 64 read

Which hero does the most damage?

( THESE WERE LISTED ONLINE AND I LISTED SOME TIPS ) Bastion: 24,908 Junkrat: 19,376 Torbjorn: 19,321 Pharah: 17,818 Hanzo: 17,149 Ashe: 16,702 Soldier 76: 16,447 Sigma: 16,309 Orisa: 15,686 Roadhog: 15,636 Bastion can be extremely useful when you’re trying to escort the payload! Using a mercy to boost him will make him even more powerful, which will get your team a few extra kills. JunkRat is better for attacking points rather then payloads BECAUSE the points are usually in closed spots making it easier for you to do damage. Torbjorn I’ve never really seen a lot of people play him, I’ve never actually played him so I don’t have any tips for him. Comment if you main him! Pharah because she can fly for quite a bit it makes her hard to hit + easy to get damage in, her gun is like a grenade launcher which does damage on impact. Hanzo he can be extremely useful if you can play him well, most people think he’s pretty easy but most of the time people will mess his abilities and such up. Ashe her special ability gets MAJOR damage in and if a hero can’t get away quickly they’ll probably die, while “Bob” is attacking the enemy team you can shoot the enemies to help bob kill them and get free kills. Soldier he basically has aim bot when you use his ultimate which can do major damage aswell, using a mercy to power him up will make him even more OP so if your friend is playing mercy make sure they power you up! Sigma I’m AWFUL at playing him but my friend is pretty good, using his “shield” while being focused by 2+ enemies is probably a big move so you don’t just -d i e- if you main sigma comment below! Orisa using a mercy to power her up is also super OP because she already does so much damage on her own. Using her shields as much as possible and using her other ability to with-stand Reinhardt, road hog hooks and such can also be extremely useful. Roadhog he heals himself and does decent damage, if you’re in front of an enemy you can either hook them and go for a headshot causing them to die if they have 200 or lower health. I’ve never been able to play him but he can be pretty useful! Again these are just listed as the hero’s that do the most damage, I’m sure you all can do heavy damage with your mains but these are just the results so far.

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  • NotMarley etc LV.23 Monster Nov 11, 2020, 04:37 AM


  • Typical_Omni666 LV.15 Caustic Main Nov 11, 2020, 04:41 AM

    Bastion only cause I main him

  • TTVChar_Mate LV.24 Big Chungus Nov 11, 2020, 05:27 AM

    Yea Bastion