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Dec 13, 2018, 02:40 PM 740 read

Doomfist, The main culprit in the destruction of balance, got nerfed.

  Blizzard applied the "Overwatch" 1.3 patch on December 12. The most eye-catching thing in this patch is 'Doomfist' Nerf. Meanwhile, 'Doomfist' has been pointed out that it is strong enough to break the balance to the professional gamer beyond general gamer. This' Doomfist 'has been downgraded through this patch, stimulating gamers' expectations.

The main contents are as follows. 'Rising Uppercut', which first launches the enemy in the air, has lost control of heroes in the air from 3 seconds to 0.6 seconds. In the case of 'Rising Uppercut', it was pointed out that it was not possible to move the body in the air too long from the point of attack. So, even if you hit 'Rising Uppercut', you can control your movement faster than before.

Seismic Slam, also known as a rush, has also been reduced from a maximum range of 20 meters to 15 meters, and it does not lose its right to technology. The range is also shortened, allowing attacked objects to respond.  

Finally, the 'Meteor Strike', which inflicts damage on enemies within a certain range, has reduced the outer ring maximum damage from 300 to 200 instead of increasing the inner ring range from 1.5 to 2 meters. It seems to be a measure to highlight the 'Doomfist' feature that hits the enemy as close as possible.  

'Doomfist' Balance Adjustment Blizzard commented in developer comments that 'Seismic Slams have reduced the range of attacking in the air, so they can now attack closer to the enemy,' said Rising Uppercut, Doomfist 'is the basis for continuous attacks. I think I have found a good compromise by looking at the various methods of adjustment and limiting the amount of time I can prepare for the next action. "

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