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Nov 15, 2018, 02:40 AM 778 read

New Overwatch Update Adds Ashe And Changes Other Heroes; Here Are The Full Patch Notes

overwatch finally adds a new character as known as Ashe. This was followed by a update for all other Heroes, tweaks for four specific characters, map changes, and bug fixes.

she won't be added to Competitive Play until two weeks after her release. Her weapons consist from range or area-of-effect in close quarters. Her primary weapon is a lever-action rifle that can fire in semi-automatic bursts or precise long-range shots. Coach Gun allows her to deal major damage to targets at close-range and her Dynamite ability throws out a timed explosive.

This big bruiser is known as B.O.B. He is summon into the battlefield from Ashe’s ultimate. Her omnic companion seen in McCree's animated short, who targets enemies hiding out of Ashe's reach.

The power of Mercy's ultimate has also increased, as well as how quickly it charges.

Reaper has been adjusted to make him a more consistent pick for close-range combat.

Symmetra's primary weapon now has a faster fire rate, allowing her to more easily hold her own in a fight.

Roadhog has undergone the most changes, with his Chain Hook, Scrap Gun, and Whole Hog all receiving major updates. I didn’t get to go full on detail on he update but feel free to click the link if you want to know more about it. patch notes click here:


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