Malted Malted LV.21 S
Nov 7, 2018, 01:55 PM 949 read

Overwatch is Part of a Balanced Breakfast

I can't think of any other game that has more cross promotions and collaborations than Overwatch.

Lucio-Ohs will be making it's way into our daily breakfast routines. Quite a interesting story considering how it started out as a in-game spray. Now it's a full fledged cereal produced by the well known Kelloggs brand. There's one thing I wish they did changed and that's the name. Going from "Lucio-Ohs" to "Luci-Ohs" rolls off the tongue better. I get why they named it Lucio-Ohs though, the O's are supposed to be speakers and allow for 2 different colors. Either way I'm getting a box for sure.

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