Malted Malted LV.21 S
Oct 29, 2018, 01:32 PM 522 read

2 New Heroes TBA at Blizzcon?

Blizzcon is only days away, Overwatch players have naturally come to assume there will be a new hero revealed at the opening ceremony. The latest PTR server has made some interesting changes to fuel the fires of speculation.   The payload has changed on Route 66 and the last time that happened we ended up with Doomfist and Orisa. I don't think we will be getting 2 new heroes as others seem to believe. I was under the impression that Overwatch is trying to add a max of 3 heroes every year. March, July, and November being the release months.   It would be a nice surprise if it was actually 2 new heroes announced this year. What do you speculate will happen this year?

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