sadwolvs sadwolvs LV.22 Professional Noob
Mar 24, 2020, 08:26 PM 20 read

voice chat not working

i've already did my fair research on this, some people in the blizzard forums used to have the same problem but no conclusive help came from blizzard. this is literally my last resort. i've recently decided to start using VC since i'm moving up in ranked but for some reason it won't let me connect to VC. ever. before you ask, yes, i did go trough all the steps on their website post. multiple times. nothing has worked. my OW audio settings are all set to auto join. i got push to talk on. i've tried open mic, no avail. i've messed around with "comms device" and "default" options, still nothing. i'm using an usb headset with a mic (KROM KONOR Ultimate 7.1). it has always worked with discord and any other voice chat games. so it's really confusing and frustrating me how the game is acting. i'd really appreciate any help i can get. if you have any questions please free to ask

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