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Moot POTG Winners #2

Hello everyone of the Overwatch Lounge! Let’s make this a quick one, and again I’m sorry for the late upload today was a little busy for me I hope you can understand and bare with me! Without further ado! Let’s announce the winners for the second ever Moot POTG contest

Moot POTG Contest #2 Moot POTG Contest #2 Hello everybody of the Overwatch Lounge! Sorry for the late post, sorta forgot and had a little bit of a busy day! But never the less I delivered the second addition of the Moot POTG contest, last week had a decent turn out and the winners were announced yesterday, well let’s just get right into this shall we? ——————————————————————— Description of Contest: This Overwatch contest will focus on one of the after game moments, the Play of The Game (POTG) , if you are not familiar with Overwatch the Play of The Game is a feature where after a game ends, one of the 12 players will be shown making the best play of the game. If it’s getting a triple kill with your ultimate or getting some sick kills with Genji, the best play of he game will be shown. Now, with this contest their will be a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place ranks. Entering this contest will be easy! All you have to do is upload your best play of the game that you think could bring you home the win, make a post including that play of the game, and use #MootPOTG to enter the contest and come Sunday I will review every entry and choose the 3 winners! Your POTG will also be judged on Skill, Quantity of Kills, Style, Effectiveness Towards Game Winning, Etc. Seems simple right? Well obviously it is... but there are some rules you have to abide by of course! (Contest Ends Sunday!) ——————————————————————— Rules 1. Arcade POTG’s do NOT count towards this contest and anybody trying to enter with an Arcade POTG will NOT be judged in this contest 2. Quick Play and Competitive Play are the ONLY type of POTG that will be counted towards judging! Anything else like I said before will NOT be judged 3. Life Saver POTG do NOT count as well, regular POTG’s and Sharpshooter on the other hand DO count towards this contest, anyone entering with Life Saver POTG’s will NOT be judged 4. POTG’s have to have a minimum of 3 kills unless a Sharp Shooter POTG is entered, therefore 2 kills is allowed ONLY for Sharpshooter POTG’s ——————————————————————— Those were the rules, seem pretty self explanatory on why Arcade doesn’t count but if you need explaining because you’re just a slow type of person (don’t worry I am as well) Arcade play of the games don’t count because in games like 3v3 Elimination, and First to 30 type game modes play of the games usually are 2 kill play of the games and do not make for very good play of the games... Life Saver play of the games usually just involve saving your teammate by killing one person and don’t really make for good play of the games, ——————————————————————— Here’s a logo I made for the contest, it’s alright but if anyone wants to make one I’d be sure to use it next time!

——————————————————————— (Not everyone has a link to their account) ——————————————————————— 1st) Privatebutter65

——————————————————————— 2nd) Ch1ldishbino

——————————————————————— 3rd) CopperCop.

——————————————————————— Thank you to all the participants greatly! Goodnight #B64

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