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Shimada Dragons

I play both Hanzo and Genji often and I had a question that I was wondering if anyone could answer. Why does Hanzo get two dragons and Genji only gets one. I came up with two different theories. 1. My first theory has to do with their rank in the Shimada clan. Before Hanzo left he was the ruler of the clan where Genji was still royalty but as Hanzos younger brother he couldn’t rule. My thought here is that they both get a dragon because they are high ranking in the clan but hanzo gets two because he ranks higher. This also might have something to do with the tails that dangle from the back of their heads. Hanzo has two and Genji only has one. Maybe they signify rank. 2. This is the theory that I prefer although I’m not sure if it’s as likely. After killing Genji, Hanzo was very distraught and angry with himself. This is proven in multiple places in the game, such as during the voice interaction between Hanzo and Zenyatta where Zenyatta says that he senses within Hanzo the rage that once consumed his brother, Hanzo hastily replies that him and Genji are nothing alike. It is also evident in the Dragons short when Hanzo asks Genji to kill him. Unlike Hanzo, Genji is at peace with himself. After being repaired by Mercy, Genji apprenticed under Zenyatta and learned to accept who he was. Physically Hanzos and Genjis dragons are quite different, Hanzos dragons are much larger and slower than Genjis, where Genjis are small and fast and quite accurate. My theory is that hanzo has two larger dragons as his anger prevents him from using them with a clear head, whereas Genjis focus allows him to accurately use his dragon which allows him to kill enemies much quicker. This theory relies on the idea that the dragons are not real creatures but instead manifestations of the Shimada brother’s power.

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