Anybody know counters for mei

I hate that devil and can't deal with her

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Been rocking hanzo lately so i got this

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Laughed when I saw this

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I stopped playing overwatch...

But when I do 😁

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Role Queue

2-2-2 Beta is on console now. So I think everyone has had the chance to play. What are some of your thoughts? Any positive changes you guys seen? It's always fun doing placement matches & now I get the chance to do it 3 times 😁

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Remember To Enter!

2 days left until winners announced

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More harm than good?

So 222 has been out a couple days and at first I loved it. Then I realized it has some serious downsides.

- Obviously no one will be tasked with solo healing/tanking when people are too stubborn to switch off DPS
- You won’t have someone half heartedly playing because they, once again, had to fill had haven’t gotten to play what they wanted for the 57th match in a row
- People are starting to pay more attention to team comps instead of just making sure it’s 222.

- Tanks and support still can’t seem to figure out who’s going to be main
- People are queuing support to simply cut their wait time and play DPS Moira/Ana/Baptiste
-Even when that happens, it’s still DPS’s fault for dying so much
- When things aren’t working out, your options of who to switch to are severely limited
- With the game giving rewards to queue tank/support, people are playing roles they know nothing about. It shows.

Did I miss anything? What are your opinions on role lock?

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What is your sr?

Best 2052
Now idk :))

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Sigma Dodgeball!

So I was browsing reddit as you do and found this dude who is working on a sigma dodgeball workshop gamemode and thought this was really cool. I was super surprised when u saw it only had 80 upvotes despite how call it is compared to the other Overwatch posts on reddit with much more upvotes so I chose to share it with you all.

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A good way to practice

Is to go into custom games. Make the custom invite only and then ad AIs and put there difficulty either on medium or hard and if it’s on medium if you do really well move them up to hard. I’m trying to get better at Lucio and I do this and it really helps!

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When you see a good tracer

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OWL london winston legendary skin
flying ace

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soldier vs maccree?


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ultimates figure series bitrate lucio

bitrate skin from anniversary collection
available here

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A frustrated widow main

So role queue is great and all, I’m enjoying it so far, but my luck is so awful that I get all of my favorite Widow maps when I’m not queues for damage 😢 Anyone else having similar experience, or do I just have terrible luck?

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Not bad

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Genji or Hanzo

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New update

Okay guys, how are we honestly feeling about the new update?!

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222 Role Queue and New Playable Tank Sigma (Discussion)

Iffy about 222 rn, i think its just due to me solo queueing about I'll give an update in 24 hrs. (PS4 Beta). I personally don't like using Sigma, but having him as a teammate is enjoyable . But he doesn't seem break metas like i thought he would; correct me if I'm wrong though

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why quickplay have to be 222

just leave quickplay alone 222 can stay in comp only

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Seagull Explains Why Many Pro Players Retire

When it comes to competitive play in Overwatch, it feels like the scene is always changing due to several players choosing to retire from the game. But why exactly is that? One former player may have managed to explain it, and it might have something to do with how much the game is constantly changing, to the point where it's almost unrecognizable from its original release in 2016.
Brandon "Seagull" Larned, who used to play professionally for the Overwatch team Dallas Fuel, continues to stream the game on his own Twitch channel. On his most recent stream, a fan asked him why so many players retired and Seagull explained it by comparing Overwatch to the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and MOBAs. Whereas CS: GO has many maps and has only received a few balance changes, and MOBAS like League of Legends tend to only have one map and loads of balance changes, Overwatch has a lot of maps and a lot of balance changes. As a result, it demands a lot more from its players.
"It’s a lot harder in Overwatch, considering so much shit changes constantly on so many different maps. It makes Overwatch a big pain in the ass to figure out after balance changes because after every single balance change that occurs, it changes it on every single map, and the entire map meta is changed."
While Seagull never stated that this was the reason he quit nor did he specifically name other players who chose to retire as a result of this, his reasoning does make sense. Between the 31 playable characters and 21 maps (that are also split into four different types), there are a ton of strategies that can be implemented, making it difficult for competitive players to keep up. Blizzard itself has yet to comment on this so it's not known if they'll take any action to prevent the game being detrimental to professionals' long-term commitments. It has rectified previous updates in the past, like one buff to the character Moira that many players found to be too overpowered.
This isn't the only issue to plague certain members of the player-base. The newest playable hero, Sigma, has been met with some backlash, with Blizzard having been accused of relying on outdated stereotypes of mentally ill people.

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how was your placement??

can't believe it

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Brig rework

So i personally love brigs new rework, but her self healing from inspire in my personal opinion seems..... Low or to slow if that makes since. I feel like she cant stay in a fight at all with the way she has to be played. Shes more up close and has to have a grouped team for her to shine, but with how little her inspire gives to herself she cant stay in a fight long enough.. Anyone else mind putting there opinion in?

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10 weird facts about Moira

Since Moira's introduction to Overwatch, she has quickly become one of the most popular and most-used healer characters in the game. Moira's abilities make her more dangerous than the average healer, with players also able to deal out significant damage to enemies. Since Moira is a go-to choice for many Overwatch healers, it stands to reason that some may want to know more about her development and backstory. However, since most of this information isn't actually in Overwatch and is instead found in animated shorts and comics, we decided to collect some of the more interesting bits of information about Moira in one convenient place.
10. blizzard tried to give her a ridiculous buff
Overwatch is a game that's constantly being re-balanced, and this includes major changes to its roster of playable characters. Moira hasn't had many changes since her introduction to the game, but Blizzard was experimenting with an insane Moira buff that would allow her to use her Fade ability even when stunned. For the uninitiated, Moira's Fade lets her teleport away from enemies, but allowing her to Fade when stunned removed one of the key counters against the ability. Luckily for Overwatch fans who weren't happy about the buff, Blizzard quickly backpedaled on it before it even made it out of the PTR.
9. She likes Irish coffee
The annual Overwatch Christmas event is called Winter Wonderland, and like other seasonal events in Overwatch, it features some exclusive cosmetic rewards. One of the customization options that players can unlock for their characters during Winter Wonderland is a victory pose where the various Overwatch characters hold up a hot drink of some kind, fitting for the season. Since Moira is Irish, it makes sense that her Winter Wonderland victory pose drink is an Irish coffee. For the uninitiated, an Irish coffee is coffee mixed with whiskey and topped with cream, so it certainly has a bit more bite than the hot chocolate that other characters are drinking in their Winter Wonderland victory poses.
8. She originally had tentacles
Overwatch heroes undergo a great deal of changes from conception to the time that they are actually added to the game. One example of this is the tank hero Sigma, who was originally meant to be a completely different character altogether. Moira is another character whose design went through some significant changes before she made her debut in Overwatch. Earlier versions of Moira saw her carrying a large gun and being equipped with tentacles, not unlike Dr. Octopus from the Spider-Man comics. Due to a variety of reasons, including her silhouette looking too similar to other heroes, Blizzard continued to tweak Moira until she became the healer character we know today.
7. She runs llike Naruto
The "Naruto run" refers to how the characters in the anime series Naruto run with their arms stretched out behind them. The run is useful for breaking into Area 51, and it's actually used by Moira in Overwatch. However, Moira's Naruto run isn't the only anime reference that she brings to the game. On the contrary, Moira's sprays make references to other animes, including Neon Genesis Evangelion and Akira, and her Ultimate ability Coalescence is also supposed to be reminiscent of anime.
6. She is a high-ranking Talon agent
Players who really want to dive into the Overwatch lore won't be able to do so just by playing the game. Blizzard has decided to reserve much of Overwatch's story for comics and animated shorts, and it's through these materials where more about the game world is revealed. As far as lore goes, Moira was once a member of the secret task force Blackwatch, and when that group dissolved, became a member of the Talon terrorist organization. As part of Talon, Moira finds herself in a leadership position, serving on the Council of Leaders along with fellow Talon members Doomfist and Reaper.
5. she was first seen in a Doomfist comic
As previously mentioned, those who want to get into the Overwatch lore will need to watch the animated shorts and read the comics. These materials sometimes even offer glimpses of Overwatch's future, which was the case with the Doomfist: Masquerade comic. It's that comic that gives us our first look at Talon's Council of Leaders, showing Reaper, Doomfist, an Omnic named Maximilien, and Moira. This was before Moira was ever confirmed to be coming to Overwatch's roster of playable heroes, and it stands to reason that other characters seen in the comics, animated shorts, and elsewhere could also become heroes at some point down the line.
4. She has Heterochromia Iridium
Moira is to date the only Overwatch character with the condition heterochromia iridium, which means that her eyes are different colors. Moira's right eye is red and her left eye is blue, with fans originally speculating that she could have caused it herself through experimentation. However, it was later confirmed through one of Moira's cosmetic sprays, "Foundation," that she was born with the condition, as the spray depicts her as a child.
3. She hates Overwatch
Moira's scientific research and experiments have made her a controversial figure in Overwatch lore, with many condemning her experiments. The hero group Overwatch was one such entity, and so she accused the group of holding her back. Ironically, Moira ended up working for Blackwatch, Overwatch's black ops division, which allowed her research to reach new heights. When Blackwatch was exposed and Overwatch disbanded, Moira was publicly condemned by various members of the Overwatch team, as many weren't even aware that she was employed by the group. Later in life, Moira joined the Talon terrorist organization, which finds itself directly at odds with Overwatch.
2. She gave Reaper his powers
While most of the world condemned Moira's experiments into genetic engineering, others saw its potential. One such person who saw value in Moira and her research was Gabriel Reyes, the leader of Overwatch's Blackwatch division. Reyes is the one who personally hired Moira for Blackwatch, funding her research and accelerating its progress. Moira then experimented on Reyes himself, giving him the superhuman abilities that have allowed him to become Reaper. Moira has given herself some similar powers as Reaper has, as evidenced by her Fade ability.
1. She was part of the mission that exposed Blackwatch
In Overwatch lore, the titular Overwatch group was disbanded after its black ops division Blackwatch was exposed to the world. Moira was actually present for this mission, which was to capture businessman Antonio Bartalotti, who had connections to Talon. Upon confronting Bartalotti, Reaper ended up killing him instead of taking him in, creating a public disturbance as the Blackwatch group escaped. The resulting controversy exposed Blackwatch, saw it and Overwatch disbanded, and Moira eventually join Talon.

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Overwatch Role Queue is now Live!

Rejoice (or despair) Overwatch fans! Role Queue is now available on live servers. Sigma also comes to the game today, so there’s tons of new goodies to explore. Today’s patch also tweaks tons of heroes as the game is due to change dramatically. Notably, Brigitte is now much more of a healer than she is a healer/tank hybrid. What do you think about Role Queue?
For the full story click here:
And to check out the rest of The Daily Moot click below:

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He such a good character and it makes me so happy😭

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Off to a great start with Sigma

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Finally sigma is able to be added to the game and right now I’m downloading the update, I’ve waited so long.

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