New Overwatch Update Adds Ashe And Changes Other Heroes; Here Are The Full Patch Notes

overwatch finally adds a new character as known as Ashe. This was followed by a update for all other Heroes, tweaks for four specific characters, map changes, and bug fixes.

she won't be added to Competitive Play until two weeks after her release. Her weapons consist from range or area-of-effect in close quarters. Her primary weapon is a lever-action rifle that can fire in semi-automatic bursts or precise long-range shots. Coach Gun allows her to deal major damage to targets at close-range and her Dynamite ability throws out a timed explosive.

This big bruiser is known as B.O.B. He is summon into the battlefield from Ashe’s ultimate. Her omnic companion seen in McCree's animated short, who targets enemies hiding out of Ashe's reach.
The power of Mercy's ultimate has also increased, as well as how quickly it charges.
Reaper has been adjusted to make him a more consistent pick for close-range combat.
Symmetra's primary weapon now has a faster fire rate, allowing her to more easily hold her own in a fight.
Roadhog has undergone the most changes, with his Chain Hook, Scrap Gun, and Whole Hog all receiving major updates.

I didn’t get to go full on detail on he update but feel free to click the link if you want to know more about it.

patch notes click here:


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What is everyone’s favorite ultimate and why you like it 🤔🤔🤔

I think the dragon blade is easily my favorite ultimate because in the right hands it could kill a team it is a ultimate that takes pure skill because you need to know when to use it and how. With a nano and someone like shadowburn as the genji say your prayers and hope you don’t get caught. Tell me YOUR favorite ultimate and why ALSO FOLLOW<—- me 👌

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New Challenger: Chengdu Hunters

Following with what was predicted the Chengdu Hunters have made their official announcement. Right off the bat I have to say I love their colors! It speaks to me and I'm eager to know what the D.Va variant of their skin is going to look like. My anticipation grew to a whole new level.
This might be my new favorite team just because of the colors. Is that a bad thing? I'll probably be rooting for a successful Hunters OWL season even if they end up doing badly. Hopefully no Shanghai Dragons like mishaps, but the World Cup this year proved China has potential to claim top spot.
The next Overwatch League season kicks off February 14th, 2019

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POPULAR Overwatch is Part of a Balanced Breakfast

I can't think of any other game that has more cross promotions and collaborations than Overwatch.
Lucio-Ohs will be making it's way into our daily breakfast routines. Quite a interesting story considering how it started out as a in-game spray. Now it's a full fledged cereal produced by the well known Kelloggs brand. There's one thing I wish they did changed and that's the name. Going from "Lucio-Ohs" to "Luci-Ohs" rolls off the tongue better. I get why they named it Lucio-Ohs though, the O's are supposed to be speakers and allow for 2 different colors. Either way I'm getting a box for sure.

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This is the future of Overwatch

Overwatch Mobile. Considering what happened to Diablo series, this shouldn't catch you by surprise even if it really happens.🤣

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POPULAR New Blizzcon hero out now.

Watch "[NEW HERO] Introducing Ashe | Overwatch" on YouTube
While I was at school Blizzard release a new Hero introduction for a new cowgirl criminal, and her name is Ashe. She holds some type if semi-auto sniper. And she has a shotgun ability that does damage and knocks herself and enemies back. And her ultimate seems to summon a huge robot guy that may be part of her gang.

I'm just guessing her abilities here. Let me know if she is on the ptr, I don't know because I'm a console peasant.

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New Blizzcon Animated Short!

Also for Blizzcon we got a new McCree animated short. The short gives us some lore about the new Overwatch the came out, Ashe. It seems that, according to the short, Ashe and McCree had tussled together before. Also we can confirm that Ashe's robot friend is named Bob, and she says she will rip McCree's head off after she rebuilds him. Also there is a shot with McCree slicing a piece of pie off with a fork that looks like it took about a week for a couple people to do.
And at the end we have Athena in her more humanoid form, and it seems like she was locked in a box for a while. We may get her as a new hero, who knows?

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World Cup 2018, Who Will Be Named Champion?

World Cup Quarter Finals is about to commence and the competition looks fierce. The big question on everyone's mind is whether South Korea will be dethroned. I'm been hearing lots of talk of USA being in a prime position to take the title away from South Korea. This probably has to do with the close matchup between South Korea and Finland leading up to this moment.
The completion of Overwatch League's first season saw to it that players learn and adjust to their opponent's strategies. Recent reports from South Korea's head coach concerned over his teams current performance further promotes the rise of a new champion. If I were to make any bold prediction for this year's world cup, I would say Finland will take it. I have nothing much to back that up, just a gut feeling. To make a safe bet though, my money goes to South Korea. Who do you think will take the 2018 World Cup Championship?
All matches will be streamed via Twitch at these hours
Friday, November 2:
12:15-2:15 p.m. PDT—Quarterfinal 1: United States vs. United Kingdom
2:15-4:15 p.m. PDT—Quarterfinal 2: France vs. Canada
4:15-6:15 p.m. PDT—Quarterfinal 3: China vs. Finland
6:15-8:15 p.m. PDT—Quarterfinal 4: South Korea vs. Australia
Saturday, November 3:
9:30-11:30 a.m. PDT—Semifinal 1
11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. PDT—Semifinal 2
1:30-3:30 p.m. PDT—Bronze Medal Match
3:45-6:30 p.m. PDT—Gold Medal Match

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Do you like dating Sims, then you’ll like “Symmetra's Qualifying Matches”

First there’s a fan made game about simulating running an Overwatch Pro team, and now there’s a dating sim that is Overwatch themed which is really cool if you like dating sims. Kotaku describes the game as “In between her dating and payload-escorting duties, Symmetra ends up in very ridiculous conversations with heroes like Genji and Mercy (who, in this game, are dating) or Mei and Zarya (also dating). She has ten days, and ten matches, to find love or not.” It sounds like a fun game to play in all honesty.

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2 New Heroes TBA at Blizzcon?

Blizzcon is only days away, Overwatch players have naturally come to assume there will be a new hero revealed at the opening ceremony. The latest PTR server has made some interesting changes to fuel the fires of speculation.
The payload has changed on Route 66 and the last time that happened we ended up with Doomfist and Orisa. I don't think we will be getting 2 new heroes as others seem to believe. I was under the impression that Overwatch is trying to add a max of 3 heroes every year. March, July, and November being the release months.
It would be a nice surprise if it was actually 2 new heroes announced this year. What do you speculate will happen this year?

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What’s your longest que time

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New Challenger: Atlanta Reign

Overwatch League 2019 season will introduce 8 new teams and Atlanta is the first to show off their banner and colors.
That's a regal looking logo and curious to see what their jersey will look like.
The next Overwatch League season kicks off February 14th 2019.

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POPULAR Full lineup of LEGO Overwatch sets

Target has today revealed all six of the LEGO sets from the upcoming LEGO Overwatch line, based on the hit team-based video game from Blizzard. This follows the early release of the 75987 Omnic Bastion from Blizzard’s online store.
I really excited this news as Overwatch gamers and Lego's old fan. Which do you want to buy? I would of course buy everything but I want to buy Reinhardt and Bastion. I want to assemble all of set RN. #OVERWATCHNEWS

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POPULAR Halloween Terror 2018 skins

I've collected new Halloween Terror skins to see them easily.
Which skin do you want the most? there enough credits and loot boxes?

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The first Overwatch Lego set is a blocky Bastion

Blizzard first started teasing a team up with Lego for Overwatch sets back in August, and now — after a brief, CGI teaser starring a minifigure Tracer — the two companies have revealed the first set: a buildable version of the robotic hero, Bastion.
Lego Bastion is an 182 piece set that features the character’s “Omnic Crisis orange” skin from the game, along with a “working” machine gun that can fire small Lego bricks across a room, for added realism. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that you’ll be able to convert the set into the turret-style Sentry or Ultimate attack tank modes from the game, but given the creativity of the overall Lego community it likely won’t be long until someone figures out a custom build for those alternate modes.

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First female Overwatch league coach

Washington DC's team will be in the command of the league's first female coach. I was kinda worried when I heard about this, girls in mainly a guy's playground can bring in hate. Good news is that she has lots of experience and reached top 100 in the SK region. Maybe that will brush away any doubts about her leadership. She gave up freaking law school to coach an Overwatch team. Who does that?
All that said, I have this weird gut feeling something bad will happen with the team.

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POPULAR Bastion is OP??

Is Bastion Op?? What do you think?

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What's your favorite map type?

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Ultimate Genji Sword

"Life and death balance on the edge of my blade." The death of his father nearly resulted in his own. Transformed into a living weapon by Overwatch, Genji set about the task of dismantling his family's criminal empire. After his mission was completed, he abandoned Overwatch to wander the world. Even he cannot say where his path will lead.
Please note, Genji's Ultimate voice line sound chip is using the Japanese iconic line “Ryūjin no ken o kurae- 龍神の剣をくらえ!” from the English version of the game.

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New hero??

It’s been a while since a new hero was announced... any thoughts on the next hero? What would you want it to be ...


REMINDER: You can get Overwatch for $12 right now

There's only one week left for this month's Humble Bundle. For $12 you get Overwatch along with a handful of other games. You also get bonus loot boxes for the rest of the year. It's the perfect time to get your friends to start playing Overwatch and the money goes to charity!

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Looking for teammates Twitch.tv/Yurble

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Posting this again because it wouldn't work

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Story Mode

Who else thinks overwatch should have a story mode it’d be so cool I would want like a Walking Dead 400 days type style story mode where every character has their own story

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So I just realized that Junkrat's beach skin is available in winter loot boxes. Can someone please explain why

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So trueeeeeeee

Poor mercy

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OWL Free agency is heating up

Those that closely follow Overwatch League have probably seen news of the new expansion teams and recent player signings. Well, things are about to start heating up even more!

Starting on October 8, free agency will be cometely open (right now it's limited to give the expansion teams a chance to start developing their rosters). This means that we might see some major shifts in team rosters and as a a result, some very different results for OWL season 2. Keep an eye out for your favorite players as the date approaches!

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Have you guys heard about 'Visor'?

I saw the post about it at this lounge. It assists player by analyzing player's screen, and providing some tips and information about enemy's ult. Well, if you're using it, you better not.

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Perfectly Fine to Smurf

Welp I guess Jeff has settled the debate on whether smurfing is considered cheating. Jeff's words "it's not against the rules as long as you play a certain way." I take it this means you can do whatever you want so long as you don't violate the rules.
Technically there is no rule about having multiple accounts. What players end up doing with those extra accounts is where lines are drawn. To set the record, I am completely fine with players buying extra accounts to smurf. What I am not okay with is when players use smurf accounts to grief other players, throw games, boost players, etc. There are some indirect causes to smurfing, but if extra accounts remain another account you play normally on then the side-effects are mostly negligible. So smurf away, don't be a dick about it though. Where do you stand on this topic?

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