New hero changes

Some hero changes are coming to Overwatch. These changes affect D.va, Reaper, Mei, Zenyatta, and Moira. First, D.va. D.va’s micro missiles are now going to do 4 damage per missile instead of 6. This is probably due to D.va burst damage potential being really high and Blizzard probably doesn’t want her to be able to do too much of everything like she can now. Next, Reaper. Reapers new buff is actually quite a big one. He now can cancel his wraith form and death blossom now automatically reloads his shotguns. I say this is big because immediately canceling wraith form, since entering wraith form instantly reloads his weapons, you can now reload even faster. Also you can add a layer of unpredictability when you ghost in for a death blossom and then have a full magazine to clean up the scraps. On to Mei, Mei’s new buff allows her to freeze multiple enemies at once with her primary fire. This will most likely raise her competive merit as well as her pick rate, while unfortunately making her probably more obnoxious. Over all I believe it’s a good buff. Zenyatta is actually getting a nerf. His secondary fire now will move 50% slower. At first I didn’t understand this nerf considering he’s not picked too often (I’m going off of Xbox meta because that’s what I play on and the only platform I feel would be fair to make a judgment call on). Maybe now good Zenyattas can lead their shots even more a surprise pursuing enemies with a delayed volley? But in its entirety, it’s not a ground breaking nerf for Zenyatta, but I don’t feel like it was completely necessary. And last but not least, Moira. Moira is actually not being buffed or nerfed, she’s just being visually tweaked. Her secondary fire as well as her ultimate are now being more translucent looking rather then not being able to see through them. In my opinion this is a welcomed change, both coalescence and biotic grasp’s damage function are very visually obstructive. Now, you’ll hopefully be able to see what you’re doing and assess the situation rather then having your screen covered in bright yellow and dark purple. These are all of the latest changes coming to Overwatch.

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Why Rein is about to swing his way back into the Ow meta

Something has been missing from the Overwatch League so far. For the duration of stage one, Reinhardt—Overwatch's most iconic tank—saw very little play outside of Control Center on Lijiang Tower, where the low ceilings and tight hallways were ideal for his wide shield. As loved as he is by fans and pros alike, Reinhardt's immobility just did not mesh well with the map rotation or dive-centric Mercy meta from stage one. But things are changing. Let's take a look at what's new in stage two, and why pros and an expert analyst are saying that now it's time for Rein to drop the hammer.
1. The meta has shifted
...Alas, Mercy is now dead. OK, not quite—but she's much more healthily balanced, which has opened the door for other support heroes to share the spotlight. In turn, that has given Reinhardt an opportunity to dust off the ol' armor and get back into the fight.
"Mercy's nerfs lead to a higher pick rate of the 'Lúcio + Moira' combo," says Dongjian "MG" Wu, tank player for the Shanghai Dragons. He went on to add that with Reinhardt back in the mix, the Dragons will be able to use deathball compositions on certain maps that don't have a lot of high ground, such as King's Row.
2. A new map rotation for stage two
Another big reason we're seeing more Reinhardt now is because the map pool for stage two is a little friendlier to the hammer-wielding crusader. One of the new maps is King's Row, which MG and Forde both point out has been one of Rein's stronger maps since the game's inception. With its many chokes and narrow streets, the map is perfect for Reinhardt's shield and conal Earthshatter ultimate
Between King's Row, Hollywood, and Lijiang Tower, we're sure to see a lot of Reinhardt at least for the duration of stage two. Other maps like Route 66 and Nepal aren't bad for Rein either, so don't be surprised if he pops up there as well. Remember—if there isn't a lot of high ground, it's probably safe for Rein.
3. old ult combos make a return
You can't talk about Reinhardt without mentioning some of the sick setup potential he brings to the table. There's something so satisfying about hearing Rein's legendary "hammer down" voiceline followed by several helpless enemies hitting the floor. It might not do much direct damage, but Earthshatter has a ton of follow-up potential. An old favorite comes courtesy of Pharah
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