(I just want to get some posts in so why not)

First rule you need to know before becoming a support main is that your life in the Overwatch universe will be filled with two, AND ONLY TWO, responses. 1. "OMG you saved meh life you are best Overwatch player EVAH" or 2. "You are a retarded dipshit!" You cannot avoid the second one no matter how hard you try, but just act like you are always receiving the first one and keep doing good!
But you can't do good by just selecting said support, you need to DO STUFF! Don't tell anyone this but the main goal of a support is to make sure your team health bars don't go to cero.

Never played support? Gotta practice in quick play. Join teamchat to see if anyone is willing to coordinate with you because that is the true way to learn support.

Ahh but you don't know who to practice do you? No? Well before you pick who to practice just know that if you pick a support that is meta in Competitive then you will receive more insults then the list of reasons that you have for losing a 1v1.

(Meta means everyone picks them btw)

So let's start out with my opinion on who is the most important in the team. Why am I including this? Because I like to think I'm top 500 so I am top 500 and that means anyone reading this has the significance of an ant.

Now most of the time a team comp needs two healers. I know, I know, you've never seen one healer I'm your comp, HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE TWO. Well, I don't know. But let's just go in an alternate universe where people did pick supports.

There are so many different roles that individual healers can fill, but I'mma just go into two categories, main healer and off healer.
Main healer = good healing
Off healer = Instant loss if you try to solo heal.

If you are a brave enough player to Solo heal, choose an off healer and you will get skinned. By me. I personally play Moira too much, and often I get stuck solo healing. Moira is an excellent pick because She deals out great healing to everyone at the same time.

Yes, at the same time. She actually can do it in THREE WAYS. Her regular healing(dubbed piss) can do somewhere like 65 healing a second. Amazing. And it is a spray out of her hand that gets stopped my no man. Which means you can deal out healing to everyone. Next is her pissball, that heals everyone in it's radius after you throw it out. It can deal out a Max of 300 something heals across every target. Last is her ultimate, which heals for 150 a second and 50 damage but you need to be sorta precise. She also has a decent amount of survivability because damaging people with here secondary fire heals you. But she had a really high skill gap.

(Also I just stuck myself in a whole because I'm really tired, have the attention span of my cat, and not even halfway done with this post. I can actually go really in depth with every support and I didn't even start to with Moira. So don't surprised if I click done because I just want the EXP. Don't worry, I'll make a part 2 of this if I do and proceed to go in-depth with every support.)

"Oh, but daddy, I don't even wanna get close to my enemies, let alone my teammates. They smell bad" Well that is okay because Ana is going to Grandma your whole team.

Ana, IMO, has a lower skill gap then Moira in terms of intelligence you need to have. But if you are planning to stick with the 3 brain cells you have, and you have mechanical skill, you can dominate as Ana.

Here's the thing, Ana has the highest healing per second in the game, but to make it consistent requires you to move your joystick (or mouse for you master race peeps) and click. Click on your teammates bodies. It heals 75 per shot and shoots once per second. It also damages 70. She has a grenade that can heal yo everyone she hits and ups the healing that everyone receives from all sources. It also prevents the enemies it hits from healing. She can also be a kind Grandma and put the enemies to sleep. Now her ultimate heals for 300 too and it boost the damage that comes from your target by 50% and halves the damage they take.

She is in second place for my top 3 supports and I think she will become meta in time.

(Alright I'm a lazy bitch and I should not have typed this much. I'm tired and I'll make a part 2 tommorow if this gets noticed and I know a part 2 won't be a waste of time. I can also go super in-depth on each support and make a separate post on them) Bai

LV.21 S