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POPULAR Which support do u prefer?

(Psy Mine is Mercy)

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How does everyone feel about OWL?

I’ve never really been into esports (or sports in general tbf), but I watched some preseason matches and found myself enjoying it.

How do you all feel about OWL and esports as a whole?

Are you keeping your eye out on any particular players/teams?

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Losing your grip

When you play as roadhog and plan on hooking an enemy, make sure there are no walls in the way. If you pull the enemy to you, the walls can cancel the grip. It can both be a good thing and a bad thing.

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Widow mains in competitive

Some widow mains can really annoy me, but I’m not saying thing against them. I just find it funny how they can just seek the enemy and then just scope them out in a split second just like that!

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POPULAR Monkeykilla rocking as Widowmaker

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I just got Overwatch and I’ve been using Moria and Sombra a lot. Almost every time I play I lose (not good for my ego) and then the other team wants to stay as a team! I need help

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POPULAR What’s your main? My main is soldier 76.

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POPULAR Favorite Overwatch Player

Who is your favorite Overwatch player? Can be pro, streamer, YouTuber, etc. Mine is videogamedunkey

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POPULAR Worth buying?

Is it worth buying overwatch still or is it's player base depleting and / or not worth the money ?

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I need a team that can help me level up and do ranked play with me. Currently level 16 as I got the game then lost it and only got it again recently comment if you would like my psn!

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POPULAR 3 looking for 3

3 guys looking for 3 more to make 6 for premades. Currently ranked around 2300-2600. Career highs around 3200. Need solid damage players, solid mercy and pesky genji or tracer. Add me StateSt_Mills please leave message “moot” with request

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POPULAR Need help

At each season I always arrive on silver or gold and I have no clue why usually I always have gold medal for damage or kills if someone could help me understand how to get a better rank it would be great. Thanks 🙂

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My first MVP

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POPULAR Reinhardt working as intended


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POPULAR On a downward slope

Every season I rank gold+ (career high right around 2900). The season typically starts great. I’ll win probably 65-75% of all of my matches, but as the season progresses I see a constant decrease in my win percentage. Anybody else feel that either your opponents strengthen or your teammates weaken as the season goes on?

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POPULAR Healthy Mentality: Climbing the Ladder is meant to be

As you enter competitive play, you may start thinking that it is impossible to climb. But the reality of it is that you will climb is you are CONSISTANT.

Understand consistancy in your play. Changing from you main heroes, or even your maon role will cause your your play to not be top notch. You have to understand that no matter how "impossible" it may have seemed the previous game to feel at all relavent due to your allies' mistakes, your next game is completely different. Never allow your previous games to affect the ones that come after.

I'll go over the snail effect in my next post.

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POPULAR Zen Obsolete

Zen use to be a very popular player and is fizzing out fast. With the addition of Moira, I don’t see him staying relevant without rework. Make his ult add protection against diva, junkrat and other AoE ults.

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POPULAR How to improve viewership for newcomers

As Overwatch continues to grow, their viewer base will continue to grow. A big disadvantage that viewers have is understanding what is happening in these games. My first introduction to Overwatch was actually watching my friend play. I've never been so confused in my life. I can't imagine someone completely brand new to the game, being able to understand the concept of maps and heroes' roles.
What do you guys think Blizzard should do to make the game easier for newer players to enjoy and understand the game a little better? With OWL season officially starting next month, an influx of new viewers will begin to tune in. I feel like a supplemental stream that educates and breaks down the little things would help viewers enjoy the game a lot more. What else do you guys think Blizzard can do to help stragglers on Twitch understand what's going on?

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POPULAR Moira? Thoughts?

Now that Moira has been around for some time, what's everyone's thoughts on her?

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full details for 2018's Path to Pro
Anyone who is interested in a future in Competitive Ovewatch, now is your time. Organized competitive play is now live. Open division will run in the same seven regions as Contenders: Australia, China, Europe, Korea, North America, the Pacific, and South America.
Registration is now live and play begins in January, with no rank restrictions. Play will last 6 weeks, with a swiss-format season. Top teams will then be invited to play in the Contenders Trials.
Established Overwatch League teams are encouraged to develop up and coming talents by having Overwatch League Academy teams, and giving them a place to compete in Contenders. Each Overwatch League teams are allowed to field an Academy team in their region of choice.
Top teams from APEX, Premier Series, the Pacific Championship, and initial seasons of Contenders North America and Europe also have been invited to their region's Contenders, based on final 2017 standings.
Contenders China
Legend Young Beyond
LGD Gaming
LinGan esports
Lucky Future
Miracle Team 1
Miraculous Youngster
Vici Gaming
Contenders Europe
Bazooka Puppiez
Team Gigantti
Contenders Korea
BlossoM (formerly GC Busan)
Kongdoo Panthera
Foxes (formerly NC Foxes)
WSG Red (formerly LW RED)
X-6 Gaming
Contenders North America
Faze Clan
Contenders Pacific
ahq e-Sports Club
Blank Esports
Flash Wolves
Hong Kong Attitude
Libalent Supreme
Machi Esports
MEGA Esports
Contenders South Australia and South America, the top 8 teams from Open division will be invited. The remaining 4 contender spots will be based off teams competing in Contenders, from the remaining teams placed 9th-16th.
Depending on the region, teams competing in this tournament are capable of winning $30,000+ . Be on the look out for more updates on what this opportunity could mean for you and your team. Start practicing because we could possibly be seeing you on the big screen, starting next year.

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POPULAR Mercy Meta

Written by Josh Lee
After Mercy received a rework, her playrate skyrocketed across professional play. Even with nerfs, she is still the most-played support in professional play.
Stefano “Verbo” Disalvo (VAL Support) – Current game state is slow paced because of what Mercy can do. Having the ability to resurrect one or two of your teammates depending if you have your ultimate up is really hard to play against.
Tim “Manneten” Bylund and Johan “CWoosH” Klingestedt (MAYHEM Flexes) – Both thinks the game is in an okay state. Mercy is obviously OP, but being able to flex is very healthy for the game.
Johan “CWoosH” Klingestedt (MAYHEM Flex): Like his fellow teammate, he also thinks the game is in a good spot.
Scott “Custa” Kennedy (FUEL Support): Disappointed how important Mercy is. Likes the way the meta has changed, allowing Junkrat to be played. Believes future patches will make other things more viable, as it should.
Overall consensus is Mercy is too OP at the moment, but enjoys, at least for now, how the meta is playing out. As any game grows and patches, the meta will change, bringing out different flavor of the months. Watching the same character being played in every game is incredibly boring, but I expect to see changes before OWL officially starts.

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POPULAR Blizzard World

Playing a first person shooter can get stale sometimes. This is why Overwatch fans were excited when Blizzard announced a new map for them to play on. Blizzard World is a compilation of Blizzard's top gaming titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, and etc. As a Blizzard fan, this has to be the most unique idea of a map in a long time. Anyone who has played games, have probably touched a Blizzard title, and adding this map to their lineup will definitely give everyone a nostalgic feel. Fans can now try out this new map in PTR. It will officially be released at the beginning of next year, barring no delays.
Blizzard did a great job on adding little secret interactions for fans to enjoy. I don't want to ruin anything for you guys so just go ahead and enjoy the video.

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RARE - Best Hanzo Play

360 Dragonstrike headshot double kill.
While you were trying to pronounce that, you and your friend just got deleted.
The real question is, where are these Hanzo's on my team?

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POPULAR Genji Tips

Genji is a champion in Overwatch that requires someone with really good mechanics to succeed, but the best Genjis are exciting to watch. I love having the ability to change a team fight and being able to choose my fights. Knowing when you can fight and when you need to retreat is crucial to a Genji's dps.
Shadder2k is a special Genji player who plays for Team Liquid. If there's one player I trust to give me tips on Genji, it would be him.
General Tip:
Use secondary fire before any ability to maximize damage with no negative effects
Character match-ups:
vs McCree - In close combat, jump around because if you get flashed, it will be harder for you to get hit.
vs Hanzo - Use your mobility to your advantage. Try not to go head-on if possible so they can't lineup.
vs Winston - Hardest 1v1 matchup because you have to headshot with your shuriken. Can dodge Winston charge by just moving and jumping around.
In the mirror matchup - Deflect is your best friend. You can dash and deal damage but dragonblade won't work.
If you like these Genji tips - check out the rest here:

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POPULAR Check Out the New Skins

Written by Michael McWherter
Overwatch’s newest seasonal event, Winter Wonderland, kicks off today, Dec. 12. The holiday-themed event brings back last year’s seasonal game mode, Mei’s Snowball Offensive, and adds a new mode, Yeti Hunt, in which five Mei players will hunt down one “Yeti” Winston.
Of course, an Overwatch seasonal event also means new skins. For Winter Wonderland 2017, Blizzard is bringing back last year’s skins — Rudolph Roadhog, Nutcracker Zenyatta, Jingle Tracer, etc. — as well as new epic and legendary skins.
Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017’s new skins include the oft-requested “Hipster Hanzo” skin from Blizzard’s “Reflections” comic book, as well as new epic and legendary skins for Ana, Bastion, Roadhog, Junkrat, Sombra and Soldier: 76. Check them out (and some new sprays and emotes) in the gallery below.

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December 12 Winter Wonderland Update

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland Update is live!
Reddit user released a quick gif on the update:
Mei received buffs - CRYO FREEZE debuff cleanses.
Moira received buffs - Can now FADE THROUGH enemies.
Doomfist's seismic slam breaks objects more consistently; so does Rocket Punch.
Winston's jump packs slides when landing on ramps.
New seasonal skins are in stores as well.
For full patch notes - check out:

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Upcoming Competitive Play Changes for Season 8

Blizzard has heard your call Overwatch players! In a blog post on Blizzard's forums, Scott Mercer, their Principal designer, announces the upcoming changes for competitive play in Season 8. They are revamping competitive way by removing performance based SR and limiting the SR variance for teams.
Beginning January, matchmaking will limit the maximum SR difference between the highest and lowest ranked SR player. Players who were in the outer limits of SR, were more often than not, matched with players out of their skill level. Qualities of these games were terrible and rewarded the better team and punished the weaker team heavily. New matchmaker will still allow you to group with other players according to their current SR limits and their skill tier.
Taken from the blog:
• If you have a higher than 50% chance to win a match, you gain less for a win and lose more for a defeat. Conversely, if you were an underdog in a match than you gain more SR when you win and lose less SR when defeated.
• New players experience both higher gains and higher losses than players who have completed a lot of matches.
• You gain less SR for a win than you lose for a defeat as you more closely approach the system’s mathematical upper limit 5000 SR. (So at very high SRs you do need a greater than 50% win rate to keep your SR stable.)
The Overwatch community has been pushing for Blizzard to implement this change for a while now and they finally listened. Overall, this is a great change and will have a positive impact for players who strive to play as a team and follow the meta. Players will start to see fairer matches and enjoy their games much more. What do you guys think of the changes that Blizzard is moving forward with? I know I'm not the only one excited.
If you wanted to check out the blog post, you can visit it here:

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In-Game Tournament System

As competitive as Overwatch is, I am surprised by the lack of content for players who want to be more competitive. League of Legends just introduced a new in-game tournament system and immediately thought of what that could do for Overwatch. Kind of mad that I won't be able to utilize that system, but it's not too late for Blizzard to jump on this.
Now that Blizzard has placed their bets on being a top E-sports title, a clan or tournament system is the next step to help introduce players to the competitive aspect of the game. Outside of ranked, it is hard to get a team of 6 to practice and play. By introducing a system that ranks you based on 6v6 team performance, can help players just starting the game, to understand the game better on a more advanced level. Having a higher understanding of the game will give Overwatch viewers a better appreciation for professional players and make it easier to improve gameplay. What kind of changes do you think could possibly be made to inherently improve teamwork and gameplay.

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Likes and Dislikes of OWL

Written by Maddy Myers, Eric Van Allen, and Nathan Grayson
Blizzard’s Overwatch League is maybe the most ambitious American esports league ever, and its preseason wrapped up this weekend. The Compete staff, with an assist from our one blogparent that we’re still on speaking terms with, breaks down what went well last weekend and what can be improved for the regular season. The real matches begin January 10.
I’m less skeptical than I was!
Many mediocre Overwatch broadcasts made me extremely ready to hate the Overwatch League. The preseason wasn’t perfect, but I’m much more excited for the regular season that I was a week ago.
The presentation and production, especially having teams that exist specifically for the League, really sucked me in. With names, cities, and colors—not givens in esports!—each team both on-stage and in-game looked like an organized unit rather than a smattering of players.
In-game skins with team colors for home and away is one of the best ideas I’ve seen yet for competitive broadcasts. The replays did a great job of breaking down intense action or highlighting specific moments, and the studio looked professional as hell.
The biggest question that remains for me is how Overwatch League will pull in the dreaded non-endemic audience, not just players of other competitive games but non-gamers, period. If Blizzard wants to pull in the apocryphal moms, it still has some wrinkles that it needs to fix. The spectator view can still get confusing at times, especially when it focuses on one person’s perspective for too long. Certain maps are easy to understand, but others don’t provide good viewpoints for the action. And the overall responsiveness of the production crew to hop to different observers or cameras when the action is happening is a little too slow.
Personally, I’m anticipating the regular season more eagerly than I thought I’d be. But the league has a ways to go before it’s a product that pulls in the average sports fan to fire up a stream and watch competitive Overwatch on any given Friday.
-Eric Van Allen
I’m more skeptical than I was!
At the Overwatch World Cup finals last November, I got to see Overwatch’s new spectator modes in action. The team colors, the bird’s-eye view mode, and the instant replays all made Overwatch matches easier to follow, and the wild energy in the stadium helped, too. As I walked out of the World Cup finals, high on the cheers of the crowd, I thought, “Maybe Overwatch League has a chance after all.”
After watching the preseason, though, I’m back down to Earth. Commentating and producing live sports is hard, but the Overwatch announcers and producers seemed to struggle to focus on the right characters. Instant replays helped fill in the gaps, but I found myself longing for much, much more of the bird’s-eye view than I got.
The World Cup and league both struggled with a problem that has plagued Overwatch’s competitive scene from day one: minimal acknowledgement of healer characters and their unique ability to turn a match around. Commentators almost never mention healer-related highlights, but they’re integral to the game.
Now that almost every team has a Mercy player, including pro teams, her resurrection skills have become central to Overwatch strategy. Her ability to heal an entire team in seconds is on par with a good Widowmaker’s ability to take down a whole team with a series of well-placed headshots, but commentators tend to only focus on the latter. In the Overwatch booth, killing people is impressive; saving your teammates isn’t.
This does the game a disservice. Those healers and their skills are what make Overwatch different from esports without fantastical resurrection mechanics, like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. In these other esports scenes, a sniper getting a ton of kills in a row would be a clincher. But in Overwatch, that’s just not always the case. The spacing, timing, and meter-gauging of the healers matters just as much as Widowmaker’s perch.
Overwatch doesn’t fit into the Counter-Strike mold. The whole point of this game is that each character class has their own role to play. It’s up to the video editors and commentators to find ways to illustrate that to audiences, even if those audiences are used to watching other team shooters where that’s not the case.
It’s still confusing why Blizzard picked Overwatch to go all-in on. The competitive scene is still fairly new and poorly watched. The huge cast of characters and diversity of maps and tactics—the heart of the game—make mainstream appeal unlikely. The way to turn that tide isn’t to just sand off Overwatch’s edges and trying to make it look like just another team shooter with cool killstreaks.
This is a weird and messy game that requires production and commentating that meet the complexities required to explain how a match was won. Easier said than done, and the World Cup didn’t nail this problem, either. But the camera at the World Cup seemed more evenly split between different character roles and highlights, and the league would be wise to continue on that trajectory. It hasn’t so far.
-Maddy Myers
I bleed orange now
I’ve been keeping up with pro Overwatch since before Overwatch League was even announced, and I mostly really enjoyed the preseason. It felt like a far, far more polished version of the sport I’ve been watching for months, though there were still a few hiccups. I watched more than half the matches, and I really enjoyed the burgeoning rivalries between teams like Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws, LA Gladiators and LA Valiant, and Seoul Dynasty and New York Excel Spreadsheets.
Teams were clearly still feeling things out. But that led to some fun compositions and weird plays, like the occasional Torbjorn sighting, or Seoul’s Ryujehong playing as Moira and killing everyone within a 30-mile radius of the moon.
I wasn’t sold on the city-based structure of the league at first, but cheering along with a hometown crowd at a bar ruled. I plan on going back in January, despite the added difficulty of keeping up with an already hard-to-follow game in a loud, crowded space. When you’re physically in a location that feels like part of Your City, gasping and whooping with a crowd of people who are similarly invested, it’s easier to understand the appeal. I hope this type of thing develops in more cities, and SF Shock/Shaq for life.
I’m gonna beat the very dead horse McCree rode in on, though, and add that Overwatch is still difficult to follow, even in its best moments. It feels like you have to retrain your brain every time you tune in if you want to be able to pick up on details, as well as overarching narratives of each match. The best-case scenario here is that my Overwatch-viewing brain atrophied between the World Cup and OWL preseason, and once the league is running regularly, following matches will feel more natural.
By the end of the preseason, I certainly was able to make better sense of the chaos than I was at the beginning. That bodes well! I’m not totally convinced that Overwatch will ever cross over and become the mainstream esports sensation Blizzard wants, but we’ll find out soon.
-Nathan Grayson

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