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Jun 3, 2020, 02:15 PM 218 read

ZERØ Recruitment of "Semi-Competitive" Players

◆ Looking for Guild/Guild Members!

>Guild name: ZERØ >Guild Level: Maximum Level 10 BABY! >Language: English, but we take anyone active 🌎   We're a Semi-Casual Gu... hmm maybe it's sounds that we're take the game easily so...   ⭐WE'RE SEMI-COMPETITIVE GUILD!⭐     Benefits of joining us: 💎 100 FREE diamonds everyday! 💎 MORE FREE diamonds! (if you lit your camp) 💎 150 FREE energy everyday! (if you're active) 💎 Guild Raid rewards! (Progress: Tyrannos Dragon)   Semi-Competitive Guild means that we're NOT a full Competitive Guild. No pressure to reach top rank and no minimum cp requirement to join. ⚠️BUT NO SLACKING ALLOWED IN GAME. We don't mind if you're up and coming player or a die-hard veteran, but participation is necessary for a strong guild.   Currently we're an open guild, so everyone can join! First come first serve! Of course I will kick inactive members later on. But don't worry, you can take day off! All written on our rules on discord!   We've all started as nobodies, but now, we're within the top 5% of the guilds. Let's grow together.   💬 Please join our discord for discussion and trashposting! https://discord.gg/ayJUjbM

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