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Apr 11, 2020, 08:20 PM 235 read

Hardcore war is recruiting

◆ Looking for Guild/Guild Members!

Hardcore war is recruiting We are Hardcore war. We are a guild that strives to get better every day with new players that can add to our strength. We thrive to be an active guild, so we don’t allow people to be away for more than 5 days. We are looking for people that are both active in the campfires, and in the guild raids. No matter what your cp is as long as you try, we will acknowledge you for it. We always appreciate the effort that is given by you. We are not looking to be a pay to win players guild, but we still want you to enjoy being in a guild that will do it’s best to climb up the ladder to be in the top guilds. Currently, we are a guild that accepts every player that want to join, and we will continue to do this as long as there are spots to fill in the guild. Feel free to join our discord channel and chat with us.

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