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[IGN: AkunoLaw] - SoloLvIing - Guide on gears

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Hi guys, I'm AkunoLaw from SoloLvIing guild. This's my 2nd tips/guide post, which will be more focus on a single topic. My 1st post is random general tips can be found here: https://moot.us/lounges/276/boards/1391/posts/2728310/ign-akunolaw-sololviing-tips

  INFORMATION/TIPS on gears: (all information are based on current game version)   TIERS: - There're 5 level of gears: I, II, III, IV, V, except for accessories which stop at IV. - There're 4 colors of gears, indicate the number of extra substat on each piece of gear. White = 0 substat, Green = 1 substat, Blue = 2 substat, Purple = 3 substat. - There're 4 tier of gears, indicate by its name, affecting the number of base stat for a piece of gear. From weakest to strongest we have: Poor, Fine, Great, Superior   In summary: - The best general piece of gear you can have now in game is: Purple V Superior xxxxxxxxx - The best accessory (ring and necklace) you can have is: Purple IV Superior xxxxxxxxx - Each level higher is roughly equal to +5 lower level gear (example: IV+5 = V+0)     HOW TO ACQUIRE GEARS: - Dropped from main quest/maps: This is random and based on where you are in the main story. The drop list is clearly listed on each stage. The earliest stage you can get Purple gear (repeatable) is at stage 5 - 4. - You can be lucky and get purple gears earlier than repeat 5-4 on any first stage clear from 5-1, however this shouldn't be anything significant. - Crafting: You get material from Material dungeons and used in "craft" to craft gear. For each type of gear there're indication where to unlock, and which material from which dungeon you need for each specific type. Purple gear can be crafted at tier V crafting, which recipes can be unlocked at stage 15-17 on first clearing Material dungeons. - Accessories are slightly different from other pieces of gear. Currently up until Stage 6-7 I haven't yet seen purple accessory in any drop list. The only Purple accessories are level IV and can be purchased from Honor shop for 1000 Honor, or as reward of some Sky Garden stages. The quality of these pieces are randomized from Poor to Superior.   REINFORCE: - Reinforcing increase base stat of gear. This emphasize the important of getting Great or Superior gear compare to Fine or Poor. - Your gear equipped on heroes should be reinforced to at least +6, since there's no risk on failing beside some gold cost. - Higher level of gears require more gold cost for each reinforce. - From +7 and above failing will result in -1 gear reinforcement level, unless you use safe reinforce - costing Seals or Diamond.   ENCHANT: - There're 4 tier of scrolls lowest to highest: White, Green, Blue, Purple - Better quality scroll have better chance to result in high rolled stats, and more stats as well (1 to 3 stats randomly) - Purple Scrolls are very important - it live up to the name Godlike Scroll, as they're the only way we can roll a "set" into any piece of gear. The "set" will be rerolled as well by applying another Purple Scroll, and will be removed on using any lower quality scroll on the respected piece of gear and keeping the new result. - Some "slightly" confusing stats: KB stand for Knock Back. ATK/s is the new name for "APS" - attack speed.   Additional notes: Gear slots provide same main stat, but their sub stat are different if they look different from each other. This will define character builds on later stage of the game.   This's too long already, so for me, the key things to remember here are: - Any pieces of gear you use should be upgraded to at least +6 - Purple gear can be farmed from 5-4 - Purple gear recipes are unlocked on stage 15-17 - Purple scrolls are very valuable and is the only way to roll set bonus.

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