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[IGN: AkunoLaw] - SoloLvIing tips

└ Tips for New Gamers

Hi guys, I'm AkunoLaw and I've been playing this game since its first day of global release. There's quite a lot of tips and tricks for everyone, however in this particular guide I'll just mention some tips that i think isn't obvious or mainstream and/or mentioned by others. Hope this help some of you guys.   Disclaimer: This will be quite long as I'm trying to explain things and I'm not that good with it, so please bear with me. I'm not a total free to play player, but not a heavy casher as well. However my gacha luck compare to my friends have been quite ridiculous, so my progression might be a bit faster than average players. Like most of you I'm new to this game as well, this's just sharing from my experience, so please be gentle if i said something wrong and let me know to correct it :D.   Long intro finally over, here're the tips   REROLL and CHARACTER ROLE:   As many gacha, this game is reroll oriented at the start. Lucid Adventure is actually extremely reroll friendly with a built in reroll button, so take advantage of it for a strong start. Basic Hero Class roles: - Tank: Your frontline, very very important for PVE. My favorite pick is Drip Soup and Heriach. Sword and Fist tankers seems to be more semi dps oriented - Spear: VERY HEAVY AOE DMG DEALER - mid range. Both Bamboo Spearman and Secretary Kim are extremely strong and can carry your team quite far, I would personally recommend these 2 Spear as top priority for rerolling - Sword dealer: Kind of hybrid between Spear and Sword tank, do quite good dmg, can be early carrier. Best I've seen so far would be HLW himself. - Dagger: Heavy dmg dealer, more single target oriented compare to Spear. My favourite is No Name. - Healer: Well, they heal people, very straight forward. I don't think they should be reroll priority, however they're definitely important and you will need to get them later. Lime seems to be popular with good heal, debuff cleanse and attack buff. - Ranger: Long range dmg dealer, normal skill often target furthest targets (which are healers - mages). I personally don't think they should be your priority, as they're far less good in PVE compare to spear. - Mage: Seems to have very OP effects once they're awakened, however i dont think their early game is as strong. They're ok to keep for a reroll if you're lazy, since they're AOE DPS as well, but definitely not as good as Spear.   LONG STORY SHORT ON REROLLING: look for Spears, they're very good now :)     DIAMOND SPENDING PRIORITY: - Buy maximum AP - AP equals level, which help you advance in power, unlock features, farm for gears... etc. AP is king imo. - Buy all the promotion stone you can from froggy shop and honor shop - Don't summon with diamond after having 3 A+ heroes and a healer (which can even be B rank Halla at early stage, works just fine). Save diamond for the purchases above.   SPENDING AP: - AP and any other kind of challenge tickets are generated overtime, so you want to use them as quickly as possible and don't let them be full at anytime, which translate to inefficiency. - You may or may not noticed this, but the amount of EXP is fixed PER AP, so regardless of the content you spend AP on, you'll get the same amount of EXP. This means being stuck at any point in content progression won't push you hard. Do not feel bad about autoing or sweeping an earlier stage to farm gear, or simply just to get rid of unused AP when you're too busy with something else. - Check side quest on previous maps for extra reward, they're often easier content to help you power up a bit before continue with main quest anyway. - THINK HARD before Promoting any hero since it's not reversable, as promotion stone is a limited resources and very very highly demanded in this game. Look up whatever sources you can, read the A+ hero skills you just summoned before investing on them. Also, try to balance out your team to spread out to as many classes/weapons as possible, this help with tower climbing where certain classes are banned each floor. - Join a guild and check camp fire regularly, it's a great source of additional AP, which is the most valuable limited resource now, at least for me :D   ADDITIONAL RANDOM TIPS: - If you plan to spend some money, Premium Pass and Monthly diamond pack seems to be highest value. - Normally your Premium Summons yield 3 B rank heroes you don't need, you should leave them there unclaimed to get 30 diamond rebate once you click your next summon. However Normal Summon doesn't seems to have any similar mechanic, so just claim every single heroes from D to A+ rank from your Normal Summons. And yes, there's a chance to get A+ on normal summon in case you didn't know, i got 1 xD. Low rank heroes are good for collection anyway :) - Whenever NightMare mission show up, they actually show up in multiple instances. Zoom out your map and check to see the highest stage, which equals highest reward. - Once you establish your base team, identify the carrier who will stick with your team long term and invest on them first (including promotion, soul purchase from shop, awakening...) - Upgrade gear to +6 is very benefitial to your progression, and doesn't anything more than a bit of gold, so anytime you're stuck, check your gear, upgrade them, see what piece need to be upgraded and target farm them. Each tier higher is very significant.   That's much longer than i thought,THANKS EVERYONE for the extreme patient reading until this point. Those tips helped me and my friends out for the last couple days playing the game, hope they're helpful to you as well.   AkunoLaw   P/s: My guild SoloLvIing is recruiting try hards, please check out this thread if you're interested: https://moot.us/lounges/276/boards/1394/posts/2727839/guild-member-recruitment-sololviing

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  • wanderion LV.2 Lurker Feb 16, 2020, 01:23 AM

    well i know that i have been too late too realize about some tips, should i reset my acc? is there a new server or something?

  • AkunoLaw LV.2 Lurker Feb 16, 2020, 11:50 AM

    I dont think this game is a "new server" kind of game, no vip level or such thing, so rerolling isnt too bad after a few days. Anyone join the game much later can catch up gradually overtime.

  • Hitmanbw LV.11 Fearless Feb 18, 2020, 03:14 AM

    Nice guide, but I think you should add some tips bout crafting, since the best items you get is exactly from there.
    Will see our guilds butt horns lol, gl