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F2P Tips and Tricks IGN:Datathief

└ Tips for New Gamers

1.If you are F2P first thing you must do its Reroll, starting the game with at least 1 A+ will not only make it more enjoyable it will be easier for you as stages get harder ( to reroll go to setting bottom right there is the reset account option) chose if you want to go for a unit you like or if you want a good units to help you push ahead , a unit like Lime healing you will make all the difference   2.Free Energy --Join a guild, campfires give extra energy for you and your guildmates -- Log in when the Energy event is on and remember that you may have to relog to get the free 50 energy ( event happens 2 time a day)   3.A units are not trash , game works with skill and element synergys in mind so some A rank units when ranked up could make for a better team composition than some random A+   4.Watch the ads for extra rewards   5.Gear - try to fill all the gear slot in your main team each piece when reinforced will add a couple thousand CP(combat power) points to your team and in turn help you clear more stages -Each map have different kind of drops but all give the same EXP aside so go for those map with the gear that you need even if they are not the latest stage you are on.

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  • JØKER LV.2 Lurker Feb 13, 2020, 01:46 PM

    Hmm.. A+ is better than A attribute.
    You should use grade A until you get a+.
    But I don't think grade A should be promoted.