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2.4.36 Version Update Notice

└ Update Notes
Lucid Adventure: └ Update Notes -  2.4.36 Version Update Notice image 4

A new build update is in the process of store inspection! It will be available as soon as the inspection is complete!   Please note that it is not available at the same time as this announcement!   Please note that the time the “Update” button will be displayed may differ for each store or for each device!   [2.4.36 Version Update]   - Auto equipment reinforcement function has been added   You can automatically reinforce equipment and you can select whether to use Reinforce Seals at a reinforcement stage.   Please rest assured that Reinforce Seals are not used in the safety reinforcement section! So, now the Use Diamond and Use Reinforce Seal buttons are disabled in the safety reinforcement section. You can check this function even before updating the build!   - Other minor bugs fixes   After this build update, other changes including an artifact level expansion will be updated! Those who have collected resources to reinforce artifacts, this is the time to spend it!   Thank you for sending valuable suggestions to us! All suggestions and feedback you have sent to our hotline will be forwarded to the development team.   If you have any questions or suggestions for our game improvements, please feel free to contact the 1:1 hotline via in-game settings > customer inquiry anytime! Thank you so much for always being with us!   Have a nice day!  

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