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2.4.20 Store Build Update Note Information

└ Update Notes
Lucid Adventure: └ Update Notes - 2.4.20 Store Build Update Note Information  image 1

Here is some information regarding the update!   In order to update your game to this particular version, you need to go to the store and make the update yourself~! It might take a while to appear even after this notice was published~!   Please note that the appearance of the "Update" button in the store may vary from store to store or due to the model of the phone you are using! Also, please understand that it is difficult for the developer to control the fact that the build update period in the store might be slightly different for each user. ~~   [2.4.20 Version Build Updates]   - Preparation for the Chapter 10 update.   - iOS14 update Check out the notice we posted on said subject! :D >Announcement for iOS Users

This game update is happening due to the iOS update!   - Combat Speed x3 added After x1.5 and x2, x3 will now be added! Dungeons with a time limit will also go faster. The triple speed moves really really fast, so there might be some issues regarding the display of skill effects, damage indications, and combat motions!     The Dev. Team is doing their best to give you the best game experience possible :) Thank you for enjoying Lucid Adventure and supporting us.   Please contact us whenever you have something to tell or report to us! Go to option>Contact or just email us! Here is our address:     Thank you!  

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