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Big Update!!! Guild War INCOMING #2 !!!

└ Update Notes
Lucid Adventure: └ Update Notes - Big Update!!! Guild War INCOMING #2 !!!   image 1

  Guild War is coming to Lucid Adventure!!! Are you all excited?! Let me explain bit more details!   <<Guild War Preseason will be opened after June 1st Maintenance!>>   A great contents for united server!! Dev team is doing their best to show you great game!! Now, finally Guild War is about to take off in Lucid Adventure world!!!   After Preseason, main season will be updated sooon too!! You can check our first announcement in below link!   👉👉Big Update!!!Guild War Incoming!

    ■ What is Guild War?   In Guild War, guild members will have to gather their strength, defend own guild, attack other guilds and steal their Flags. A guild that stole more flags within time limit will win the war! So you have to be good at both attacking and defending!   You can earn Dark Coins in Guild war, and you can purchase skins with those coins!!     ■ How is it done?   A season will be on for 3 weeks. One season is divided into three steps: Preparing phase, War phase, and Rest/Calculating phase.   - Preparing phase.   From every Mon/Wed/Friday 10:00 AM to next day 9:00 AM is preparing phase. You have to be prepared for a war you know!! Guild members can compose “Defense Party” to focus on defense. Guild master and vice-guild master can allocate guild members defense party at the specific area by “Set Defense. ”   In “Defense Party”, you cannot include supporters. Also you cannot include Heroes in Offense party if they are already in defense party.   If you have changed your defense party, or Hero became strong so their power changed, please press ‘refresh’ to apply the changes.   To start matching, there is a minimum required number for defense. If you do not have enough defense party, matching won’t start. During the Preseason, you need at least 1 defense party ! Numbers will be adjusted in regular season. After defense set is done by Guild Master and Vice Master, Guardians will be placed at blank spots.   Once preparing phase is over, you cannot change Defense areas/ Parties!!       - War phase   Did you set all defense parties, and started matching?! Then it’s time to WAR!   From every Tue, Thur, Sat 10:00 AM to next 9:00 AM is War time!! You can see an hour term between preparing phase and war phase right? That one hour is when matching is being processed.   When war phase begins!! Matched Guild will be displayed, you will be able to enter War panel and attack the enemy!!   You can see enemy guild’s name, but to find out their defense position, you will have to battle them !   But!!! You have limited chances to challenge! 3 Chances will be given to every guild member :) You will have to play strategically!     Take enemy building’s Flags as much as you can! If you satisfy the conditions, you can get more flags! Some areas will give you more flags :)   Did you join your guild AFTER preparing phase is over? Then you will be able to participate starting from next war. Until then, cheer your guildmates XD     - Rest/Calculating phase   When the firing war is over.. You can take a break between Sunday 10:00 AM and next 9:00 AM. Just like its name, take a rest for a moment :)   On the last Sunday of the season, result for Guild war will be calculated as well. You cannot enter Guild panel during this time, so take your time :)   So the structure of the Guild war is like this! “Prepare > War > Prepare > War > Prepare > War > Rest and Calculate.”   If your guild is participating in a guild war, you can leave your guild only during preparing phase.       ■ Must Remember list in Guild War!   - Guild Master and vice-master’s Duty!! Don’t forget to “Set Defense” and apply for matching!   - Everyone’s Duty!! Set Offense/Defense party!! Participate in Guild war!!     Guild war is about to start!!! Which Guild will be able to leave their name on the Hall of Fame?! What strategies will they use?! This is so exciting!!!!! XD I am so excited to buy more skins with Dark coins already!!   This Pre season will be held for a week only~ It will be opened after June 1st maintenance, and will end on June 7th 9:00 AM (UTC+9 ). Calculation for the season will be done until June 8th 9:59 AM (UTC+9). But remember that schedules can change!   Pre season is shorter than regular season, and we can adjust it during the season, so please understand us :) Pre season rewards will be sent as well, but remember that skin shops will be opened with regular season ~~   Join guilds right away, play Guild wars, and share us your opinions whenever you’d like to! Update is nearby!! But yes, it’s not complete yet. We wanted to share with you so much so we came early, but please understand that there can be changes XD   We hope everyone enjoys our new contents ! Dev Team will be doing their best to give you greater fun and joy! Thank you always~!!     ※ Actual Update can be slightly different from update notes. If there is a change, we will let you know! ※ All timelines are linked with Server’s timeline. It may have slight difference with your device’s timeline (Client timeline) so please be aware.        

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