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July 28th, 2022’s Maintenance Notice [Maintenance Completed]

└ Maintenance Notice
Lucid Adventure: └ Maintenance Notice - July 28th, 2022’s Maintenance Notice [Maintenance Completed]  image 1

Here’s the information on July 28th’s maintenance!!   We ran to give you information as soon as we could to tell you that we will be having maintenance inspection to create a healthier and more comfortable game!!!!!! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to users who are in the middle of an adventure. (_ _) If there is a change in the inspection contents or if the inspection is completed, we will notify you in the notice as soon as possible!   ■ Maintenance Period: On July 28th, 2022 from 10:30 to 12:30 (Server Time)   ■ Maintenance Info - Preliminary work for the expansion of the Sky Garden   Please close the game completely during maintenance!   ■ Maintenance Reward: Diamonds x200   [Attention] - Please exit the game before the maintenance because we cannot help you with any errors happening during the inspection. - Maintenance is carried out to provide a smoother service, Depending on the progress of the maintenance, it can be completed or extended early, and it is difficult to help with issues related to part-time items that could happen due the maintenance. - We will notify you again in the notice if there is any change in the maintenance details or once the maintenance is completed. - Inspection is conducted based on . Please be careful because there may be a difference with the time of your cell phone.       ___________________________________ [Maintenance Completed] The maintenance has been completed. Thank you for your patienc    

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