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Feb 21, 2020, 02:23 PM 339 read

Cheer Dev Team Up! Event Winners!!

└ Event Winners Notice
Lucid Adventure: └ Event Winners Notice - Cheer Dev Team Up! Event Winners!! image 1

Wohoho! Hey it’s GM Choco Bibi again :)   Thanks for encouraging warm messages!! Over 3,000 Users had cheered us at Stores !!!   As we promised! We are here to announce the event winners :) Let’s congratulate the winners with us~!!!     1. Winner List!   ---------------- Ching Yu 阿昌 Artemis Cosmos 曾鴻儒 Hetero Enđ Shonga NatOP Zenos HerrKader vmmsx Dou Kobano Nữ thần GodLoser Arief PeppermintGumballXII Cheenguh Pol Chu gamer710286181 Exorcist love_you Hitmanbw Kyouri Uglychimera gamer194575461 BTP 江濰客 Lantis Ahodi   ----------------   ※ Those are participants’ community nicknames.   2. Event Reward Sent Out Date   To winners, we will send rewards to their Mailbox before Feb 21st 23:59(Server Time) Feb 21st 6:59 (UTC - 8) Feb 21st 9:59 (UTC - 5)     ※ All timelines are linked with Server’s timeline. It may have slight difference with your device’s timeline (Client timeline) so please be aware  

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  • love_you LV.10 Fearless Feb 21, 2020, 02:54 PM

    Finally time for me to get lime. 🌊
    Love you all bunches.
    Spread the joy. Don't be coy.
    All of you out there reading this.
    Take care and remember to share.

  • Shonga LV.6 Thankful! Feb 21, 2020, 05:11 PM