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Happy 2022!!🎉Happy New Year✨

◆ Event
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Happy 2022!!🎉Happy New Year✨  image 1

  It’s 2022!!! Let’s celebrate all together!ヾ(≧▽≦*)o   Let’s share our blessings with each other for 2022! Join us in wishing the best to the other users by leaving a comment!   The reward will change depending on the number of participants!     1. Event Period   From January 3rd to January 11th 23:59 (Server Time)     2. How to participate   Wish us and the other users a Happy New Year in a comment! 😘 The whole team wishes you a Happy New Year! We love you!💖     3. Event Reward   If there are more than 10 participants, we will offer to all the users Diamonds x200~! If there are more than 50 participants, we will offer to all the users 300 more Diamonds!   4. Reward Sent Out Date   ★All rewards will be sent to your mailboxes before 24:00 on January 14th. 2022 !     ※ Please be sure to participate in the event by commenting on the event. ※ In case, everyone is careful not to spam the comments! Comments that do not match the purpose of the event can be deleted by us. ※ The event is conducted based on <Server Time>. Please note that there may be a difference from the time of the user's cell phone. ※ Please understand that the event content, schedule, and rewards may change due to the circumstances of the developer.    

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  • gamer411390338 LV.1 Mootie Jan 11, 2022, 04:43 PM

    Happy new year everybody !