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Nov 9, 2020, 03:57 PM 362 read

Welcome Back Users!! Special Coupon Time!

◆ Event
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Welcome Back Users!! Special Coupon Time!  image 1

The Returning Season is upon us!!   We have prepared this event for our users to have lots of fun this Returning Season! It’s Special Coupon Tiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeee!!!! Don’t forget to get your coupon! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)   Use this coupon to have even more fun this season!   [Special Coupon Information]   - Coupon Code

Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Welcome Back Users!! Special Coupon Time!  image 3

  - Coupon Period: Until 2020, December 9th 23:59 (Server Time) Until 2020, December 9th 06:59 (UTC -8) Until 2020, December 9th 09:59 (UTC -5)     [Super easy way to use the coupon]   ① Go to the Coupon Website! Website link:

  If you are an Android user, go to [options>enter coupon] to use your coupon!   ② Enter the coupon code! Please distinguish between upper and lower case letters~~! ③ Select the game and enter the player nickname of the account that will receive the gift. Once entered, the coupon cannot be re-registered~~! Be sure to keep the player's information so that valuable coupons arrive well!! Please check it several times!   ④ Watch the reward arrive safely into your mailbox!!   ※ You can use only one coupon of the same type per account, and you can use one coupon only once! ※ Mail is kept for 30 days, so be sure to claim it before that! ※ If you reset, the coupon gift will also disappear. Do not reset the game after registering a coupon! ※ The event is conducted based on <Server Time>. Please note that there may be a very small difference with the user's cell phone time. ※ Please understand that the event content, schedule, and rewards may change due to the circumstances of the developer.  

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  • Brobro LV.2 Lurker Nov 11, 2020, 01:33 PM

    Is this only fur android users? I’m on iPhone and the system can’t find my username no matter what punctuation and capitalization I use.