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Back Again! Diamonds 1+1 Event!

◆ Event
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Back Again! Diamonds 1+1 Event!  image 1

    Guess who’s back, back again!! Diamonds 1+1 Event’s back, tell a friend!! (ง˙∇˙)ว (ว˙∇˙)ง Event that gives you extra bonus Diamonds!!   Bonus over Bonus~!!! 1+1 for First Purchased Diamonds!   This applies only once per item!! 1+1 bonus is also applied on bonus Diamonds as well WOW!     ※ When the event is reset, those who already bought 1+1 items before reset also buy 1+1 items again after reset!     1. Event Period   1+1 Event time : From the Open date ~ and continues on~! 1+1 Reset time : after September, 28th 2020’s maintenance!   ※ The start time of the event may have a time difference of up to several minutes. ※ Please check the 1+1 logo to participate in the 1+1 benefit event. If you accidentally participate in the event without checking the logo, it is difficult for us to help. If you don't see the logo, please reconnect!     2.How to Participate?  

Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Back Again! Diamonds 1+1 Event!  image 3

☆ You can buy 1+1 Diamonds at Shop > Diamond ☆ Be sure to check out the 1+1 Event’s logo!  

Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Back Again! Diamonds 1+1 Event!  image 5

    ※ Every 1+1 Diamonds can only be purchased ONCE. ※ 1+1 Diamonds will be applied to the first payment only. ※ ‘Reset’ takes time, there might be a few minutes difference. Whenever 1+1 logo is on the Diamonds, which means the event is on~! Please check whether there is a 1+1 logo or not before you purchase it~~ ※ For Bonus Diamonds, it is already included in the package. ※ Please understand that event periods and rewards can be changed due to Company’s schedules. When there are any changes of schedule, we will announce it under ‘Event’.  

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